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F1 Race Stars series16
Technology: PathEngineGames using a version of the PathEngine SDK by the company with the same name, ...16
Oddworld seriesCreated by Oddworld Inhabitants, Oddworld is a fictional universe and a series ...16
MSXdev entriesGames written for the annual MSXdev coding contest for MSX computers.16
Sensible Soccer gamesThis series of soccer games is known for small-sprite top-down view and loose ...16
Batman: The Telltale Series16
Descent seriesA seminal series of 3D shooting games that allow free-roaming flight.16
3-D Ultra seriesGames by Sierra On-Line/Dynamix bearing the 3D-Ultra label. 16
Star Wars: The Clone Wars gamesGames that happen during the Star Wars: Clone Wars-era of the series. The Clone ...16
Mama series16
FIFA World Cup licenseesWold Cup games officially licensed by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de ...16
Postal series16
Contra seriesThe Contra series is a series of sci-fi / futuristic action games that ...16
Major League Baseball 2K seriesAll games in the Major League Baseball 2K series.Related links: World Series ...16
Boulder Dash seriesBoulder Dash and its sequels, published or licensed by First Star Software.16
Xevious gamesA series of vertically scrolling shooters from Namco16
Danganronpa seriesSpike Chunsoft's series revolving around the students of Hope's Peak Academy, ...16
NeoGeo Online collectionsThis is a series of classic NeoGeo games. re-released by SNK Playmore, for the ...16
Disciples seriesDisciples is a turned based strategy game originally developed by Strategy ...16
Armored Core seriesA long-running series of mech combat games from FromSoftware, with a heavy ...16
Who Wants to be a Millionaire licenseesGames based on the popular TV quiz show.16
Sensible Sports games16
Red Faction seriesTHQ's series of insurrectionary Martian story-driven first-person shooters, ...16
PixelJunk series16
Divinity seriesDivinity is a series of role-playing games by the Belgian developer Larian ...16
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