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Ghost 'N Goblins seriesA series of platformers by Capcom.15
Graphics Engine: Omni3DGames using a version of the Omni3D engine, developed by Cryo. It was mainly ...15
Tower! 3D Pro15
Automobile: Mazda 787BGames in which you can drive the Mazda 787B race car and all its ...15
Setting: City - JerusalemGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Jerusalem, Israel. ...15
Wargame series15
Genre: Fish SurvivalThis group includes all games that focus on helping a fish to survive by eating ...15
Ship Simulator seriesA series of games developed by VSTEP simulating a wide range of ships with ...15
Fantasy Mosaics series15
The House of the Dead series15
Spore seriesThis group covers the main Spore game, published by Electronic Arts, and all of ...15
Hunt the Wumpus variantsWide-ranging interpretations of Gregory Yob's '70s mainframe game Hunt the ...15
Endless Legend series15
Electric Crayon games15
Earth Defense Force / Chikyū Bōeigun seriesA series of action shooters developed by Sandlot that pits the player against ...15
The Land Before Time licenseesGames based on the movie series The Land Before Time.15
Jungle Book licenseesGames based on Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book stories. Games based on original ...15
A Song of Fire and Ice / Game of Thrones licenseesA Song of Ice and Fire is a series of fantasy novels written by George R.R. ...15
Sanctum seriesA series of FPS/tower defense hybrids.15
Virtua Fighter seriesSega's flagship 3D fighting franchise. In which motion-captured martial artists ...15
Animal Evolution seriesEvolution games made by Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.15
Gameplay feature: Burden / EncumbranceGames where the player controlled character suffers penalties if carrying too ...15
LEGO Star Wars seriesLEGO Star Wars games retell the events of the six Star Wars movies in a ...15
Aircraft: Dassault RafaleGames featuring the Dassault Rafale in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...15
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