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Mass Effect 2 seriesIncludes Mass Effect 2 and its expansion packs.16
FIFA World Cup licenseesWold Cup games officially licensed by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de ...16
Keno gamesThis group includes all video game adaptations of Keno, in all its variations ...16
Armored Core seriesA long-running series of mech combat games from FromSoftware, with a heavy ...16
IndyCar racing gamesGames which are centered around IndyCar racing. Includes both licensed and ...16
Commander Keen seriesCommander Keen is a series of platform games developed by id Software. The ...16
Oblivion seriesIncludes The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and its expansion packs.16
Batman: The Telltale Series16
Game Engine: SEUCKGames made using Sensible Software's Shoot 'em up Construction Kit.16
Postal series16
Divinity seriesDivinity is a series of role-playing games by the Belgian developer Larian ...16
Automobile: Panoz EsperanteGames where the player can drive the Panoz Esperante.Limitations The car must ...16
MSXdev entriesGames written for the annual MSXdev coding contest for MSX computers.16
Disciples seriesDisciples is a turned based strategy game originally developed by Strategy ...16
Destiny series16
Metaltech / Tribes universeThis group includes all games set in the fictional futuristic universe shared, ...16
Fighting EX Layer series16
Cinemaware-style gamesThis game group contains games created by members of the Cinemaware development ...16
F1 Race Stars series16
Metro seriesMetro is a series of games based on the novel Metro 2033 and its sequels ...16
Major League Baseball 2K seriesAll games in the Major League Baseball 2K series.Related links: World Series ...16
Xevious gamesA series of vertically scrolling shooters from Namco16
Sensible Sports games16
Star Wars: The Clone Wars gamesGames that happen during the Star Wars: Clone Wars-era of the series. The Clone ...16
Jewel BEM / Hōma Hunter Lime seriesHōma Hunter Lime (宝魔ハンターライム) is a series of short, low-interaction ...16
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