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3D Engine: Lithtech JupiterGames using the Jupiter Engine by Lithtech, Inc. (later Touchdown ...17
Premium Games labelA series by the Polish distributor Cenega Poland, which is described by the ...17
Victoria seriesA series of strategy games set in the Victorian era, developed by Paradox ...17
Tropico 4 series17
WTCC Race series17
Mega Man / Rockman X seriesA spin-off of the Mega Man series of games, which takes place approximately a ...17
WWF/WWE Smackdown seriesYuke's series of wrestling games carrying the WWF/WWE license. Originally ...17
Bejeweled seriesThe popular handheld puzzle games about flipping pairs of gems.17
Blood Bowl licenseesThis group includes all the games based on the fantasy football board game ...17
The Flintstones licenseesGames licensed around the characters of the modern stone-age family, from the ...17
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes series17
Alone in the Dark seriesGames in the Infogrames 3D survival horror series featuring supernatural ...17
Inspiration: Book - Shuihuzhuan / Water MarginGames based on, or inspired by the Chinese novel Water Margin (simplified ...17
Automobile: Peugeot 406Games where the player can drive the Peugeot 406.Limitations The car must be ...17
Middleware: flixelGames using flixel, a free collection of Actionscript 3 files (as an ...17
Game Engine: ST Adventure Creator (STAC)Incentive Software's 1988 game-making engine, building on the success of its ...17
Aircraft: RAH-66 ComancheGames featuring the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche in a prominent role. -- ...17
Automobile: Ariel AtomGames where the player can drive the Ariel Atom.Limitations The car must be ...17
Creatures series17
Frogwares' Sherlock Holmes series17
ARK: Survival Evolved series17
Tiny Toon Adventures licenseesGames based on the Tiny Toon Adventures cartoon series17
World of WarCraft seriesWorld of WarCraft base game with official add-ons and expansions.Parent Group ...17
Nicktoons games17
Fatal Fury seriesSNK's original Street Fighter clone turned legit fighting franchise in which ...17
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