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MSXdev entriesGames written for the annual MSXdev coding contest for MSX computers.16
Divinity seriesDivinity is a series of role-playing games by the Belgian developer Larian ...16
IndyCar racing gamesGames which are centered around IndyCar racing. Includes both licensed and ...16
ARK: Survival Evolved series17
Two Worlds seriesRole playing games developed by Reality Pump in which you play a nameless hero ...17
Blood Bowl licenseesThis group includes all the games based on the fantasy football board game ...17
WTCC Race series17
Alone in the Dark seriesGames in the Infogrames 3D survival horror series featuring supernatural ...17
Nicktoons games17
Back to the Future licenseesGames based on the Back to the Future movie trilogy.Related links Wikipedia: ...17
Battlezone seriesGames based off of (and including) Atari's original Battlezone arcade game.17
The Flintstones licenseesGames licensed around the characters of the modern stone-age family, from the ...17
Frogwares' Sherlock Holmes series17
Victoria seriesA series of strategy games set in the Victorian era, developed by Paradox ...17
Daisenryaku seriesSystemSoft's long-running war strategy series, starting with Gendai Daisenryaku ...17
Ratchet & Clank seriesThe Ratchet and Clank series are sci-fi games about two space adventurers, the ...17
Creatures series17
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes series17
Middleware: flixelGames using flixel, a free collection of Actionscript 3 files (as an ...17
Setting: IncaGames that either take place, partially or entirely, in ancient western South ...17
Final Fantasy IV gamesThis group contains games that are related directly to the original Final ...17
Mega Man / Rockman X seriesA spin-off of the Mega Man series of games, which takes place approximately a ...17
Infocom compilationsThis group contains game compilations of Infocom's interactive fiction games, ...17
Galaga variantsGames based on the gameplay of Namco's original Galaga, with or without a ...17
Aircraft: RAH-66 ComancheGames featuring the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche in a prominent role. -- ...17
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