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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in descending order# Games
The Dark Eye / Das Schwarze Auge universeIncludes games which take place in the German fantasy RPG universe of Das ...36
Automobile: Nissan 350ZGames where the player can drive the Nissan 350Z. Also includes its racing ...36
Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage seriesThis game grouping covers only the Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage series; ...36
Automobile: Ferrari 458Games where the player can drive the Ferrari 458. Includes all variants: 458 ...36
The Witcher seriesCreated by the Polish developer CD Projekt, The Witcher (2007) and its sequels ...36
Blitzkrieg seriesA series of strategy games developed by Nival, Inc.36
Grand Theft Auto seriesGrand Theft Auto (usually abbreviated GTA) is a series of games that ...36
Q*Bert variantsThis game group includes official versions of Q*Bert and any of its sequels and ...36
Wasteland universeThis group includes all games that utilize the post-apocalyptic setting first ...36
Genre: Simulation - CookingAny game where cooking (or other forms of food preparation) is a central ...36
Automobile: Lamborghini MiuraGames in which you can drive the Lamborghini Miura. Includes all Miura ...36
Physical Bonus Content: PostcardThis group should contain all the retail releases that include at least one ...36
College Football gamesGames that attempt to reflect the unique rules and atmosphere of American ...36
Asterix and Obelix licenseesGames based on the French comic series written by René Goscinny and written and ...36
Wing Commander universeAll games produced under the Wing Commander universe.36
Automobile: Ferrari F50Games in which you can drive the Ferrari F50.Limitations The car must be ...36
Sudden Strike series35
Genre: Rube Goldberg machinePuzzle games where the player is provided with a number of predefined elements, ...35
Middleware: AlchemyGames using a version of Alchemy, a complete development and run-time ...35
Aircraft: MiG-29 FulcrumGames featuring the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum jet fighter in a prominent ...35
Army Men universeA series of games created by 3DO based on the popular kids toys started in the ...35
Monopoly licenseesThis group contains all officially licensed games based on the board game ...35
Colin McRae Rally / DiRT rally seriesCodemasters' long running series of rally racing games, originally endorsed by ...35
Physics Engine: Open Dynamics Engine (ODE)Games using the Open Dynamics Engine to simulate realistic physics in games. It ...35
Automobile: Renault MéganeGames where the player can drive the Renault Mégane and all its ...35
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