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Game Engine: Torque Game BuilderGames using a version of the Torque Game Builder (basic or pro), created and ...27
3D Engine: AsuraGames using the Asura engine by Rebellion.27
Rocket League seriesThe Rocket League games are dealing with vehicle based, futuristic variant of ...27
Drakengard series27
Halo Wars series27
Genre: Board game - Go / WeiqiThis group contains video game adaptations of the ancient Chinese board game ...27
Tiger Woods PGA seriesA series of PGA licensed golf games from Electronic Arts that also carry a ...27
Genre: God gameGod Games are a type of games in which the player literally takes on the role ...27
Genre: Light beam puzzleThe light beam puzzle is a type of puzzle game where the player has to use a ...27
Multiple-choice gamesMultiple-choice games (or MCGs) are simulators which take their user input from ...27
Aircraft: Eurofighter TyphoonGames featuring the Eurofighter GmbH Eurofighter Typhoon (aka EFA (European ...27
Premier Collection releasesAll games which were released under the Eidos' Premier Collection budget label.27
Nintendo limited edition console bundlesStarting with the original Game Boy, Nintendo has occasionally sold limited ...27
Aircraft: Focke-Wulf Fw 190Games featuring the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 in a prominent role. -- from IL-2 ...27
Ganbare Goemon seriesA series of humorous titles in various genres by Konami starring Goemon, a ...27
Theme: Holidays (other than Halloween or Christmas)This group is for games that have a theme based on or set at the time of a ...27
Kingdom Hearts seriesKingdom Hearts are a series of action role-playing videogames published and ...27
Setting: City - ChicagoGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Chicago, United ...27
Setting: Alternate HistoryThis group should contain games that take place in an altered historical ...27
Blood Bowl series27
SEGA Vintage Collection seriesThis is a collection of several classic games which have been originally ...27
Aircraft: A6M ZeroGames featuring the Mitsubishi A6M Zero in a prominent role. -- from Heroes of ...27
Shrek licenseesGames based on or inspired by events or characters from the DreamWorks Shrek ...28
Command & Conquer Red Alert seriesThe Red Alert titles compose a sub-series of the popular Command & Conquer ...28
Protagonist: VampireThis group includes games in which the main playable character is a ...28
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