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Drivable Vehicle: Jet SkiGames in this group allow the player to drive a jet ski.28
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz SLK-ClassGames where the player can drive the Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster. Includes all ...28
Genre: Board game - MancalaMancala is a family of board games where players have to capture seeds by ...28
Magicka series28
Tank variantsGames using fixed-screen top down visuals in which one or more players fight ...28
Flappy Bird variantsGames directly inspired by the gameplay and success of Flappy Bird, with ...28
Protagonist: VampireThis group includes games in which the main playable character is a ...28
Ride seriesThe Ride games are motor bike simulation games, which can be played as single ...28
Animals: CephalopodsGames that introduce squids, octopuses, and other members of the class ...28
Licensed Title: Sports clubs / teamsGames that are licensed or endorsed by specific sports clubs or teams ...28
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series28
Animals: CowsGames that feature cows as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.28
Automobile: Gumpert ApolloGames where the player can drive the Gumpert Apollo.Limitations The car must be ...28
Automobile: Alfa Romeo 8C CompetizioneGames where the player can drive the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione / 8C ...28
Test Drive Unlimited seriesGames in the open world spinoff series of Test Drive.28
Lode Runner gamesFirst named Kong, then retitled to Miner before adopting its final moniker, ...28
Serious Sam seriesSerious Sam games are named after the main character Sam "Serious" Stone, a ...28
Final Fantasy Online series This group contains the massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the ...28
Darksiders series28
Automobile: Ferrari F430Games where the player can drive the Ferrari F430. Includes all F430 variants: ...28
Xbox World Collection seriesThe Xbox World Collection is a series of Japanese releases for the original ...28
Amidar variants / Line-coloring gamesGames where you move your character across a grid or another set of connected ...28
Wheel of Fortune unofficial adaptationsUnofficial game adaptations of the TV game show Wheel of Fortune.See also: ...28
Shrek licenseesGames based on or inspired by events or characters from the DreamWorks Shrek ...28
Joust variantsMidway's famous ostrich-riding game, its spin-offs and clones.28
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