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Automobile: Jaguar E-TypeGames where the player can drive the Jaguar E-Type.Limitations The car must be ...33
Genre: Dungeon CrawlerA Dungeon Crawler is usually considered a sub-genre of the RPG genre. These ...33
Championship Manager seriesThe brainchild of the Collyer Brothers (Paul and Oliver), Championship Manager ...33
IOC licenseesGames officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), ...33
Sudden Strike series34
Gameplay feature: Armor / Weapon setsGames with matching armor and/or weapon sets, if worn in a complete set will ...34
You Don't Know Jack seriesA series of games which puts you in the middle of a comedy game show known as ...34
Genre: SniperGames with exclusive or primary focus on using sniper rifles.34
King's Quest seriesA series of graphical fantasy adventure games featuring the escapades of King ...34
Aircraft: F-15 EagleGames featuring the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15 Eagle fighter in a prominent ...34
Simple 1500 seriesD3Publisher's successful line of Japanese PlayStation budget releases, usually ...34
Visual technique / style: Rendered in clayGames that use clay to depict the action, menus and scenes.34
Command & Conquer: Tiberian seriesThis group includes games from the Command & Conquer universe which follow the ...34
SEGA AGES 2500 seriesA collection of remakes of some of SEGA's previously released games for the ...34
Animals: Dolphins / WhalesGames that feature dolphins and/or whales as protagonists, or in an otherwise ...34
Aircraft: P-38 LightningGames featuring the Lockheed P-38 Lightning in a prominent role.Limitations If ...34
Puyo-Puyo / Madō Monogatari universePuyo Puyo puzzle games and Madō Monogatari role-playing game series share many ...34
Automobile: Pontiac GTOGames where the player can drive the Pontiac GTO and all its ...34
Physical Bonus Content: PostcardThis group should contain all the retail releases that include at least one ...34
Simple 2000 seriesA series of budget PlayStation 2 games published by D3 Publisher Inc. and ...34
Disgaea series34
Theme: WerewolvesGames that are inspired by werewolves.Werewolves (or lycanthropes) refer to ...34
Monopoly licenseesThis group contains all officially licensed games based on the board game ...35
Army Men universeA series of games created by 3DO based on the popular kids toys started in the ...35
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