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Guardian Heroes series2
Airborne Assault series2
Blade Kitten series2
Happy Breeding seriesHappy Breeding visual novel games2
Viking Saga series2
Count Duckula licensees2
Super Formation Soccer seriesA series of soccer games released on the Super Famicom.2
Sea Battle series2
Doodle Basketball series2
Laptop & Travel Games series2
Princess Tomato versionsThis tracks both strains of Hudson Soft's adventure game Salad no Kuni no ...2
Gooka gamesGames based on the series of fantasy novels by Czechoslovak writer Vlado Ríša ...2
Wonder Project J series2
Klątwa/Władcy Ciemności seriesA series of point-and-click adventure games from L.K. Avalon. They have a ...2
PokéROM seriesA series of educational games for elementary school children. Characters and ...2
Cyborg 009 licensees2
Language Instruction - HebrewEducational games that aim to teach players the Hebrew language.2
Vacation Quest seriesA series of hidden object / puzzle games developed by SpinTop Games.2
GOG Games in Development gamesGames which were originally launched through GOG in Development as paid alpha ...2
Jolly Rover series2
Letter Quest series2
Secret Monster Society series, The2
Stakes Winner series2
Dead Trigger series2
Crowntakers series2
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