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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors series2
Chuck E. Cheese licenseesGames based on the Chuck E. Cheese brand of American family entertainment ...2
Liong series2
Action Learning seriesEducational action game series created by Simon & Schuster Interactive.2
Golden Oldies seriesGames in the Golden Oldies series by The Vision Factory, which feature ...2
Undead Empire series2
Astro Avenger series2
Tōshin Toshi series2
Metal Eye seriesA series of sci-fi/post-apocalyptic RPGs with mild hentai content by Elf.2
Brutal seriesBeat 'em ups from Gametek, featuring cartoon animals2
IHF Handball Challenge series2
ZP2K series2
Cherry Tree High series2
Bear in Super Action Adventure series2
Seal seriesSeal (씰) is a series of Korean-made role-playing games united by a common ...2
Crossy Road series2
PHM Pegasus seriesA pair of mission-based military naval simulations developed by Lucasfilm.2
Chainz seriesA puzzle series by MumboJumbo, LLC involving chains.2
Straima / Straimium series2
Digital Devil Saga seriesSub-series of Megaten. The first and the second game are one story told over ...2
Butt-Ugly Martians licenseesGames based on the 2001 Nickelodeon series Butt-Ugly Martians.2
The Rivers of Alice series2
Brigandine series2
The Fall series2
Game Engine: HOPAGames using the HOPA engine (original or modified) by Alawar Entertainment, ...2
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