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NBA 2K seriesAll games in the NBA 2K series.32
Batman: Arkham series32
Sunrise Robot licenseesGames making use of animation studio Sunrise's giant robot franchises, most ...32
BioShock series32
Achievement Hunter series32
Automobile: Jaguar XJ220Games in which you can drive the Jaguar XJ220. -- from Need for Speed II ...33
Sword Art Online licensees33
Games with included books (fiction)This group is for games which come bundled with novels, novellas, or short ...33
Automobile: Ford RS200Games where the player can drive the Ford RS200 and all its ...33
Backyard Sports seriesA series of sports games where the player takes control over kids instead of ...33
DC Universe Online seriesThis group collects the different versions of the DC Universe Online games ...33
Nim gamesGames that include a playable versions of the mathematical strategy game Nim, ...33
Indiana Jones licenseesAny game that is based on or an official licensee of the Indiana Jones ...33
Middleware: Rendez-VousGames using a version of the multiplayer game lobby technology of Quazal ...33
Championship Manager seriesThe brainchild of the Collyer Brothers (Paul and Oliver), Championship Manager ...33
Rugrats licenseesGames based on characters and scenarios from the Rugrats franchise of animated ...33
Terminator gamesAny game bearing the licensed characters from the Terminator movies.33
MotoGP licensees33
Touch! Generations gamesGames carrying the Nintendo brand: "Touch! Generations". These games are ...33
Setting: City - VeniceGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Venice, Italy. The ...33
Transformers licenseesOfficially licensed games from the titular characters -- robots that transform ...33
Setting: City - Hong KongGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Hong Kong, China. ...33
Taxi gamesGames where the player takes the role of a taxi driver.33
Wing Commander seriesSpace flight and combat simulation series developed by ORIGIN Systems, Inc. set ...33
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seriesThe Modern Warfare series is an offshoot of the Call of Duty franchise, but ...33
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