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Automobile: AC CobraGames in which you can drive the AC Cobra / Shelby Cobra.Limitations The car ...45
3D Engine: OGREGames using OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine), an open source ...45
Sakura Game seriesGames belonging to the erotic visual novels and related games created by the ...45
Game Engine: WintermuteGames using the Wintermute Engine Development Kit by DEAD:CODE, a free ...45
Theme: Psychic powers / PsionicsThese games include elements of psychic abilities as a prominent figure in ...45
Splinter Cell seriesEspionage games centered around the protagonist Sam Fisher and his stealthy ...46
Automobile: Lancia Stratos HFGames where the player can drive the Lancia Stratos HF.Limitations The car must ...46
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz SL-ClassGames where the player can drive a Mercedes-Benz SL-Class grand ...46
Animals: SharksGames that feature sharks as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.46
Game Engine: DirectorGames developed using the multiplatform multimedia application tool Director. ...46
Automobile: Ferrari F40Games in which you can drive the Ferrari F40. -- 2D version from The Duel: ...46
Japanese PlayStation 4 game releases with full English supportThis group should contain Japanese releases which have 100% support for ...46
Uncharted seriesAction-adventure series following the story of Nathan Drake in his adventures ...46
Gameplay feature: Paper doll inventoryGames that visualize the clothing, armor and weapons of a character using a ...46
Genre: Wilderness SurvivalGames set in uninhabited wilderness of different varieties (often, but not ...46
Genre: Cinematic PlatformerCinematic platformers are a sub-genre of platform games that attempt to combine ...46
Fate seriesA series of visual novels with adult content by Type-Moon.46
Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons seriesNatsume's long-running series of farm-management simulations, where proper ...46
Aircraft: AH-64 ApacheGames featuring the Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, as either one of its ...47
Ultima universeContains the main (numbered) Ultima series, spin-offs such as Ultima ...47
Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest universeEnix's complete Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) franchise, including all main ...47
Tropico seriesSince 14th November 2008, the rights to the Tropico franchise are owned by ...47
Genre: Simulation - Train drivingSimulators where the player gets to drive trains that are realistically ...47
Mickey Mouse licenseesGames starring Disney's Mickey Mouse.For games that feature other Disney ...47
MLS licenseesSoccer games licensed by the Major League Soccer organization. 47
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