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Automobile: Lancia DeltaGames where the player can drive the Lancia Delta.Limitations The car must be ...53
Donkey Kong gamesAny video games (including spin-offs such as puzzle and racing games) that ...53
Theme: Giant monstersTitles whose primary gameplay involves control of or defense against giant ...53
Naruto licenseesBased on the popular Naruto comic/animation franchise.53
Aircraft: P-51 MustangGames featuring the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang in a prominent role. ...53
Games with hidden / unlockable full gamesA list of games that have full length games either hidden or unlockable within ...53
Gameplay feature: Survival cookingGames which features cooking raw or prepared ingredients using any method ...53
Nancy Drew licenseesAny of the mystery games based on the character of the teen detective Nancy ...54
Aircraft: F-22 RaptorGames featuring the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor in a prominent ...54
Automobile: BMW Z4Games where the player can drive the BMW Z4.Limitations The car must be ...54
Settlers seriesSettlers is a series of managerial strategy games introduced by German game ...54
Automobile: Toyota MR2Games where the player can drive the Toyota MR2.Limitations The car must be ...54
Game Feature: Developer CommentaryGames which offer developer commentary that is integrated into the game, and ...54
Roulette gamesGames that contain playable video game conversions of the popular casino table ...54
Donkey Kong variantsGames that were inspired by the design principles of Donkey Kong. These games ...54
Pachinko variantsGames based on the Japanese gaming device.54
Genre: Simulation - MedicalGames that have to do with a variety of professions or themes directly related ...54
Watch_Dogs series54
Inspiration: Author - H. P. LovecraftGames based on the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. These tend to concern ...54
HUDless gamesMost games have sections of the screen reserved for numbers, graphs, or other ...55
Automobile: Audi QuattroGames where the player can drive the Audi Quattro and all its variants. -- from ...55
Far Cry seriesFar Cry is a series of first-person 3D shooters. The first game in the series ...55
Genre: Truck racing / drivingGames in which the player controls a truck, either using it to participate in ...55
Star Trek fangamesDenotes all unofficial games that take place in or are based on creator Gene ...55
beatmania gamesThis group includes all of the Beatmania games released by Konami, including ...55
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