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Automobile: Lamborghini GallardoGames in which you can drive the Lamborghini Gallardo and all its variants. -- ...65
Automobile: Renault ClioGames where the player can drive the Renault Clio.Limitations The car must be ...66
Lunar Lander variantsGames based on the classic Lunar Lander game, where you have to land your ...66
Genre: Simulation - Human lifeThis groups includes games that attempt to simulate human life. The amount of ...66
Gundam licenseesThis group includes all licensed games based on the Japanese anime meta-series ...66
Automobile: Honda CivicGames where the player can drive the Honda Civic and all its ...66
Aircraft: F-14 TomcatGames featuring the Grumman F-14 Tomcat jet fighter — or a successive version ...66
Genre: Bullet hell / DanmakuBullet hell, or danmaku (Japanese for "bullet curtain"), describes a type of ...67
Game of the Year releasesGames that not only won the title of game of the year, but were re-released as ...67
Gameplay Feature: HerdingGames in which the player must guide one or more entities to a goal without ...67
Bomberman gamesGames featuring Hudson Soft's heroic robot bomb-lobber, generally in top-down ...67
PSP Platinum Range releasesGames available for the PSP which have been re-released in "Platinum" packages ...67
Automobile: Honda NSXGames where the player can drive the Honda NSX (Acura NSX in North America and ...67
Theme: OlympicsGames based or inspired by the Olympic games. For strictly Olympic licensed ...68
Character Feature: Actual person's looks and voiceThis group should contain all the games where main or side characters are ...68
Need for Speed seriesElectronic Arts' long-running series of racing games.In October 2009 Electronic ...68
Game Engine: PlaygroundPlayground is a development framework developed by PlayFirst, Inc.68
Fallout gamesFallout is a franchise composed of predominantly role-playing games. They are ...68
Word Search gamesGames in which the player must find words hidden in a grid filled with letters.68
Spider-Man licenseesGames featuring Marvel Comics' web-slinging hero, the Amazing Spider-Man (Peter ...68
Monster Hunter seriesThis group includes all licensed Monster Hunter games, a series of action ...68
Elder Scrolls seriesElder Scrolls is a series of predominantly action role-playing games united by ...69
Games involved in legal disputesGames which were the subject of legal disputes, usually due to containing ...69
Fantasy Creatures: DragonsGames that feature any version of a dragon race or creature, no matter how ...69
Automobile: McLaren F1Games in which you can drive the McLaren F1. Includes the GT, GTR and LM ...69
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