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Genre: Bullet hell / DanmakuBullet hell, or danmaku (Japanese for "bullet curtain"), describes a type of ...68
Theme: OlympicsGames based or inspired by the Olympic games. For strictly Olympic licensed ...68
Word Search gamesGames in which the player must find words hidden in a grid filled with letters.68
Monster Hunter seriesThis group includes all licensed Monster Hunter games, a series of action ...68
Character Feature: Actual person's looks and voiceThis group should contain all the games where main or side characters are ...68
Automobile: McLaren F1Games in which you can drive the McLaren F1. Includes the GT, GTR and LM ...69
Elder Scrolls seriesElder Scrolls is a series of predominantly action role-playing games united by ...69
Games involved in legal disputesGames which were the subject of legal disputes, usually due to containing ...69
Ys seriesYs (イース) is a series of predominantly action role-playing games by Nihon ...69
Fantasy Creatures: DragonsGames that feature any version of a dragon race or creature, no matter how ...69
Automobile: Porsche 911Games where the player can drive the Porsche 911 and all its variants (such as ...69
Tetris licenseesAll games produced under an official Tetris license/brand, including Tetris, ...70
Fictional character: Count DraculaCount Dracula is the title character and the main antagonist of Bram Stoker's ...70
Reality-on-the-NormReality-On-The-Norm is a long-running series of games (most of them made in ...71
Formula 1 licenseesFormula 1 racing games that have an official license from the organizers of the ...71
Nonograms / Picross GamesGames that feature nonogram (paint by number) puzzles.Related groups: Picross ...71
Z-CodeThis game group contains games written in the platform-independent Z-Code ...71
Historical conflict: Vietnam War Games that are based upon the "Vietnam War" civil war, from 1959 to 1975. Games ...71
Fallout gamesFallout is a franchise composed of predominantly role-playing games. They are ...71
Genre: Simulation - City buildingCity Building games identify its primary gameplay as the construction, ...71
LittleBigPlanet series72
Minesweeper variantsGames inspired by the logic puzzle game Minesweeper. Gameplay typically ...72
WWE / WWF wrestling gamesGames licensed by World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the World Wrestling ...72
Europa Universalis series72
User / fan contributed contentGames where some of its levels or content have been contributed by fans or ...72
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