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Formula 1 racing gamesGames based around Formula One (F1) rules and Grand Prix Racing.In May 2008 ...174
NFL licenseesVideo game versions of the American sport football, licensed from the National ...174
Genre: Light Gun ShooterGames in this group use a light gun (or similar technology including usage of ...174
Genre: Card / Tile game - BlackjackVideo game conversions of the popular casino card game Blackjack, whose goal is ...175
Game feature: Hexagonal mapDue to easier arithmetics and bitmapped screens, computer games usually use ...175
Setting: Egyptian Games that either take place, partially or entirely, in ancient Egypt or a ...176
Gears of War seriesGears of War is a 3rd-person cover based tactical shooter originally developed ...177
Gaming Service: Game Room Game Room was a frontend for emulated versions of retro video games from the ...180
Theme: SubmarineGames that portray the use of submarine(s) in a prominent role or strongly ...180
Genre: Labyrinth / Maze Games featuring labyrinths / mazes as the principal gameplay element.Note: ...180
Setting: AfricanThis group includes games that take place, entirely or partially, on the ...180
Gameplay feature: Dating / RomanceIncluded in the group are games in which the protagonist may (or is required ...182
Games with manual lookup copy protectionGames that use copy protection by identifying a specified letter, word, or ...183
Gameplay feature: Monster capture / trainingGames where capturing monsters (usually through combat or other violent means) ...185
3D Engine: UnrealEngine4Games using a version of the fourth generation Unreal engine (original or ...185
Graphics Engine: RenderWareGames using the RenderWare engine by Criterion Software. RenderWare engine ...188
Distribution Method: EpisodicGames that have been released as a series of episodes which, when put together, ...189
Games made into booksThese games have inspired books or are a direct influence to a book. For the ...192
Setting: Western / Old WestA western, also known as dusters, is a style popularized in pulp novels and ...196
Animals: MiceIn this group belong games that feature mice or rats as protagonists, or in an ...197
Assassin's Creed seriesA series of stealth games originally created by Patrice D├ęsilets, with strong ...197
Game Engine: ChoiceScript gamesMultiple-choice games (MCGs) written using Choice of Games' ChoiceScript ...198
Animals: Primates (monkeys or apes) What is it with people's obsession with monkeys!? These are games that feature ...199
Setting: ChineseGames that either take place, partially or entirely, in China or a fantasy ...199
Unofficial add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator gamesThis group contains all unofficial add-ons for the Microsoft simulator games, ...201
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