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Game Engine: Quill / PAWGilsoft's The Quill (aka AdventureWriter in the US release by Codewriter Corp.) ...122
Animals: ChickensGames where either the main/lead character or the main plot or storyline is ...123
Mythology: GreekIncludes games that are influenced by or directly based on Greek mythology. ...123
Gameplay feature: Importable charactersGames that allow the player to optionally import and use characters from ...123
Genre: Grand strategyThis sub-genre of strategy games primarily deals with grand strategy, i.e. ...123
Physical Bonus Content: World MapThis group should include all the games which include printed map of the ...124
Dead or Alive seriesA series of fighting games made by Tecmo, originally a coin-op title. The games ...124
MLB licenseesVideo game versions of the sport baseball licensed from the Major League ...124
Gameplay feature: FishingGames where player participation in fishing activities is a small or an ...126
Middleware: SpeedTreeGames using the procedural tree modeling package SpeedTree by Interactive Data ...128
Genre: Sliding block / tile puzzleGames which feature sliding puzzles, also known as sliding block or sliding ...128
Awesomenauts series128
Space Invaders variantsDenotes any game that uses the gameplay concepts introduced in Space Invaders, ...129
Trainz gamesGames based on the Trainz railroad simulation franchise129
Dungeons & Dragons (D&D / AD&D) licenseesAny game that is produced under or based on the official Dungeons & Dragons™ ...130
Physical Bonus Content: Character FigurineVarious special, limited, collector's, and other releases often contain various ...130
Animals: FrogsEver since the primordial Frogger, frogs have been popular subjects of computer ...131
Tomb Raider seriesTomb Raider is a series of action games with platforming and puzzle-solving ...132
Games made into TV seriesStarting in the early eighties, games have begun to be adapted into TV series. ...132
Japanese PlayStation 3 game releases with full English supportThis group should contain Japanese releases which have 100% support for ...133
Genre: Auto-run platformerThe auto-run platformer is a form of platform game where the player character ...134
Gameplay feature: "Simon says"Games in this group are based around (or contain mini-games based around) the ...135
Setting: Country - FranceGames in which at least part of the setting is France as a country. The setting ...135
Snake variantsSnake games, also known as Worm and Nibbles, are those classic arcade games, ...135
PlayStation Greatest Hits releasesGames available for the original Playstation which have been re-released in ...137
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