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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in ascending order# Games
Games with randomly generated environmentsGames where the environment (world, universe, map, that place with a lot of ...329
World of ... seriesMultiplayer game series where each game centers on a specific type of units as ...334
Game Engine: Game MakerGames developed using the Game Maker toolkit, written in Delphi by Mark ...337
Physics Engine: PhysXGames using a version of the PhysX engine (formerly named Novodex) by AGEIA ...344
Genre: Fixed-screen shoot 'em upThe initial form of shoot 'em ups was defined by the genre's progenitor, Space ...344
Middleware: CRIGames using one or more elements from the multiplatform CRI Middleware by CRI ...359
Inspiration: ToysThis group consists of games inspired by or licensed directly from toy ...359
Unofficial add-onsAdd-ons that are not supported by the original developer/publisher. These might ...374
Live action cut-scenesThe technological advancements of CD-ROM media and real-time decompression ...381
Breakout variantsAs one of the first paddle games in gaming history, Breakout (1976) has spawned ...384
Gameplay feature: Multiple endingsGames where player actions during the course of the game may lead to at least ...385
Inspiration: ComicsGames that are strictly based on comics, including comic books, graphic novels, ...387
Animals: CatsComprises games that introduce cats as protagonists or major plot-related ...399
Crowd funding (successful)Games developed through crowd funding, where developers generally put an ...409
BPjS / BPjM indexed gamesThe following list contains games which were put on the "Index" (German ...410
Genre: Tile matching puzzle (creation)Tile matching puzzle games are games where the player has to create groups of ...413
Game Engine: Adventure Game Studio (AGS)The Adventure Game Studio (AGS) engine is a freeware tool created by British ...416
Theme: Law enforcementGames focusing on law enforcement with varying degrees of realism. This may ...431
FangamesFangames are games based on popular properties, generally established video ...437
Steam Greenlight gamesThis group collects all games which successfully achieved a Steam release by ...451
Enhanced remakesAn enhanced remake is a game that attempts to re-create the designs and ...484
EA Sports gamesGames under the EA Sports brand by Electronic Arts, Inc. When the company ...492
Pong variantsGames based on Pong, involving a ball and two paddles. Limitations Games ...496
Physics Engine: HavokGames using a version of the Havok Physics engine to emulate dynamic and ...510
Board game translationsTraditional board games previously released in physical format, that have been ...546
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