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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in ascending order# Games
Gameplay feature: "Simon says"Games in this group are based around (or contain mini-games based around) the ...136
Middleware: SpeedTreeGames using the procedural tree modeling package SpeedTree by Interactive Data ...136
Genre: Auto-run platformerThe auto-run platformer is a form of platform game where the player character ...136
Setting: Country - FranceGames in which at least part of the setting is France as a country. The setting ...137
PlayStation Greatest Hits releasesGames available for the original Playstation which have been re-released in ...137
Space Invaders variantsDenotes any game that uses the gameplay concepts introduced in Space Invaders, ...137
Theme: Amusement parkGames that are related to the activities at an amusement park or theme park. ...139
Warhammer 40,000 universeGames based on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 license. Warhammer 40,000 was ...139
Merchant / Trade-oriented gamesThis game group is dedicated to games where its primary (or secondary) gameplay ...140
NBA licenseesVideo game versions of the sport basketball licensed from the National ...140
Snake variantsSnake games, also known as Worm and Nibbles, are those classic arcade games, ...141
Tomb Raider seriesTomb Raider is a series of action games with platforming and puzzle-solving ...142
Middleware: SDLGames that use the very portable Simple DirectMedia Layer.Related links ...142
Gameplay feature: Auto-mappingGames featuring a map that is drawn or updated automatically as the player ...143
Tom Clancy licenseesGames associated with bestselling spy thriller novelist Tom Clancy -- including ...143
Battlefield seriesThe Battlefield franchise is a row of first-person tactical shooters from ...144
Game Center CX challenge gamesThis group is for games featured on the Japanese television show Game Center CX ...144
NudityGames that depict scenes with full or partial nudity, whether video, photo, ...145
Genre: Kart racingThis group contains racing games that incorporate small open four-wheeled ...145
Gameplay feature: Recordable replaysGames in which the player can record gameplay actions (by saving to a file) and ...146
Street Fighter seriesAll games and variants based off of Capcom's original Street Fighter coin-op ...147
Automobile: Subaru ImprezaGames in which the player can drive the Subaru Impreza and all its variants ...147
The Last of Us series150
Concentration / Memory variantsGames centered around the concept of the Concentration card game, also known as ...150
Trainz gamesGames based on the Trainz railroad simulation franchise151
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