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2005 ChangeLog

Dec 27, 2005

  • added N-Gage Arena tech attributes
  • added numbers of players supported offline/Bluetooh/Arena for N-Gage
  • added numbers of players supported Bluetooh for Gizmondo
  • added PlayStation tech spec - DJ Controller, NeoCon Joypad and Fighting Stick PS
  • added ZX Spectrum tech spec - Kempston Mouse

Dec 15, 2005

  • added Linux tech spec - requires Windows version
  • added SEGA Master system tech spec - Paddle Controller

Nov 22, 2005

  • added Xbox 360 as a supported platform

Nov 21, 2005

  • various spelling errors

Nov 14, 2005

  • added Monthly Subscription as a tech spec for Windows games

Nov 06, 2005

  • Fixed incorrect title that was being displayed on game group page.

Nov 04, 2005

  • users can maintain a playlist of games they like, are playing, have played and plan on playing. You can edit your playlist from your account page. Your playlist will also be displayed on your account page.
  • made a change to the game group sheet so that selected shots and covers are randomly selected instead of just the first five games in the group.
  • fixed bug on company page where the recent game list didn't put game titles on seperate lines.
  • Made improvements to how MobyGames looks when using IE5 or IE55. MobyGames is most functional on a modern browser. If you use IE5 or IE55, you should upgrade to something like FireFox, Opera or IE6
  • worked around a bug where IE6 would sometimes cause part of a review to dissapear off the screen. All you IE users, have you thought about using Firefox instead?
  • fixed a bug where sometimes a rejected cover was displayd on a game group page.

Oct 30, 2005

  • fixed bug where proper company name wasn't always displayed on the preview page in the new game wizard.
  • logos on company page are now displayed from most recent logo to oldest logo.
  • fixed bug where edit account preferences page didn't wrap properly, causing the page to extend too far horizontally.
  • fixed some appearance problems with the mobydark theme.

Oct 25, 2005

  • fixed bug where company overview page would not display if the company had more than one overview.

Oct 24, 2005

  • Logos for companies can now be contributed.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes during the new game wizard you would be prompted to pick a cover group during the cover art step.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes game group pages would incorrectly show cover art other than the front cover .
  • Fixed various bugs with the do it your self Ad Wizard
  • Fixed some typos on various pages
  • Fixed layout bug on site search page

Oct 16, 2005

  • Fixed bug where a users contribution page was not always reflecting what was approved.

Oct 12, 2005

  • added J-DOS required for PC-98 as a tech spec for DOS

Sep 25, 2005

  • added Game Sharing as a tech spec for PSP

Sep 13, 2005

  • added J-Cart as a tech spec for Genesis

Sep 11, 2005

  • added TRS-80 CoCo as a supported platform - was part of TRS-80 before

Sep 01, 2005

  • added Commodore 128 as a supported platform - was part of C64 before

Aug 18, 2005

  • Plastic Folder added as a packaging selection for DOS, Booter, Apple II
  • added Dreamcast VS Cable as a tech spec

Aug 17, 2005

  • added PAL 50/60 HZ and 60 Hz tech attributes for PS2, GC, XB, and DC
  • add a lot more titles/roles for credits classification, please pay attention when classifying

Aug 06, 2005

  • Fixed some typos on various pages

Aug 05, 2005

  • fixed bug where coutries could not be assigned to release info.

Aug 04, 2005

  • Added link to ChangeLog from the main page (it's on the left side under the 'Other' menu).
  • The number of required contribution points required to turn off advertising has been cut in half. Please visit your account preferences page for more details.
  • Release information and source are now required when adding credits to the database. This additional information is helpful for approvers.
  • Ads are no longer displayd when entering new games into the database
  • Usernames are now clickable on the 'Featured Game' panel on the home page.
  • Ads are no longer displayed on the Poll Wizard page.
  • Fixed a bug with quick search where sometimes the 'show all' link would not work.
  • Fixed bugs with editing/adding/removing items from have and want lists.
  • Improved RSS feeds from 0.91 to RSS 2.0. Also fixed a bug where feeds weren't validating correctly.
  • Fixed bug where ads were being displayed some developer pages, even if ads were turned off in your account preferences.
  • Fixed a bug when adding polls, sometimes the order of the responses would change.
  • Fixed sme bugs with the speller, where hovering the misspelled word sometimes didn't work on certain browsers and sometimes didn't work with the mobydark theme.
  • Fixed a bug where viewing approvals from your account page might show duplicate information for certnain submissions (screenshots, developer portraits, box covers and a few others)
  • Fixed a bug where changed tech-info submissions were not properly replaced when approved.
  • Fixed a bug where submitting company release info for a game sometimes rendered incorrectly in IE and Opera
  • Fixed a bug where a list of games with company information would always display the current company name, regardless of which company name was actually assigned to to the game. This bug appeared in many places, but most notably developer sheets and game group sheets.
  • fixed a bug where the new game list sometimes displayed the wrong 'added on' date.

Jul 31, 2005

  • added MSX as a supported platform

Jul 30, 2005

  • added Amstrad CPC as a supported platform

Jul 18, 2005

  • added PC-FX as a supported platform

Jul 08, 2005

  • Brazilian DJCTQ rating system added

Jul 07, 2005

  • new OFLC ratings added

Jun 30, 2005

  • we're working with to provide manual scans, and other documents included with the a game. Game sheets now have a link on the left panel called 'Manuals/Docs'.
  • we are no longer linking to from a game's related sites page
  • we've also added a test RSS feed for recent reviews. The feed is located at The feed at is for all games. Each mobysite has it's own feed that corrisponds to their platform groupings, so would be PC games, and would be xbox games, etc.
  • we've added a test RSS feed for our news items. The feed is located at
  • moby tags now support 'attribute' and 'gamegroup' which will search on attributes and gamegroups respectively. Please see this document for more information.
  • new game additions now displays the platform of the game added.
  • the page for viewing and rating a game has been split into two seperate pages; one to view the MobyScore and the other rate it.
  • attributions are now displayed on game group pages
  • the page for viewing a game rating has been redesigned to better display games with large numbers of platforms (such as Lemmings which has 15 platforms). Previously, each platform had it's own column which worked fine a year or two ago when MobyGames did not have so many platforms. A seperate section showing the overall rating in each category with rating descriptions has also been added.
  • platform name has been added to the list of games added by a user -- for example this list.
  • platform name has been added to the list of reviews written by a user -- for example this list
  • various formatting changes for the MobyDark style, including how news items are displayed.
  • when reviewing a game, you are now prompted to rate it during the submission.
  • when viewing a game review, stars are displayed based on the user's rating -- thanks to moby user John Robertson for the suggestion.
  • removed logon/logoff links from left panel on company pages.
  • attribute categories now have descriptions, which are displayed when editing tech-info/ratings and on an attributes rap sheet.
  • 'submitted by' column is now sortable for game additions and company additions.
  • fixed bug where game giveaway message was only being displayed for logged on users
  • fixed bug where sometimes a game's official website wasn't being displayed
  • fixed bug that prevented featured games from being added
  • fixed bug where a game's rating system page would show rating categories as "unknown", even though the category isn't allowed for that time period.
  • fixed bug in approval notifications where platform name was being displayed instead of review one liner
  • fixed bug with moby tags where all categories were being searched, regardless of what category the moby tag contained
  • fixed bug where deleted reviews were still showing up in the site search results.
  • fixed bug where deleted company akas were still showing up in the quick search results.
  • fixed a bug where some release info sometimes wasn't grouped together properly on a games release info page
  • a bug has been fixed where new platforms added to an existing game were not showing up in have/want lists making it appear that the game wasn't added when in fact it was.

Jun 29, 2005

  • Microphone added as a tech attribute for the Dreamcast - thanks to Sciere
  • Mouse added as a tech attribute for the Dreamcast - thanks to Sciere
  • Clans added as a tech attribute for the Xbox - thanks to Sciere

Jun 06, 2005

  • added Turkey as country to be selected - thanks to EboMike
  • updated guidelines for ad blurbs
  • updated main contribution page
  • easter eggs added to the list of items you can contribute along with tips/tricks/hints
  • updated the contribution guide for tips/tricks

Jun 04, 2005

  • Plastic Bag added as a packaging selection for DOS, PC Booter, and Apple II

Jun 02, 2005

  • added Gizmondo as a supported platform

Jun 01, 2005

  • Plastic Case added as a packaging selection for the Atari ST

May 25, 2005

  • added TRS 80 as a supported platform

Apr 24, 2005

  • added Media Type for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Floppy, and Download for PC platforms

Apr 22, 2005

  • fixed a bug where some release info sometimes wasn''t grouped together properly on a games release info page

Apr 21, 2005

  • added changelog to MobyGames
  • fixed bug that prevented some (in rare circumstances) users from changing their password
  • <pre> tag now allowed in most places where text is contributed.
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