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2006 ChangeLog

Dec 07, 2006

  • Rejected/abandoned new platforms are now properly clearing out

Nov 19, 2006

  • added Wii as a supported platform

Nov 14, 2006

  • added PlayStation 3 as a supported platform

Oct 27, 2006

  • The Standards page goes live for public viewing

Oct 05, 2006

  • added iPod as a supported platform

Sep 25, 2006

  • added Odyssey 2 as a supported platform
  • added Dragon 32/64 as a supported platform

Sep 17, 2006

  • fixed problem that prevented cover art from being contributed with a new game entry.
  • can now add Media part numbers for Nintendo GameCube games with 2 discs.
  • The changelog is now broken up by year.
  • Added ability to add your system list to your account page. I've set one up for myself as as example.

Sep 11, 2006

  • Fixed a problem with recent MobyRank submissions have a score of zero.

Sep 07, 2006

  • Fixed a problem that prevented cover art from being uploaded.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented release info from being added to a game.

Sep 06, 2006

  • Added find missing release info to the Most Wanted! page and also fixed a couple of problems on that same page.

Sep 05, 2006

  • Quick Search shows the cover for your selected country in the same way that the game page works.
  • Added ability to contribute Nintendo product codes for games.
  • Tips of the day display a different tip each time you visit the home page instead of changing once a day.
  • We have made many improvements to the message board searching. Additionally, you can search for posts made by users. The link is currently on a user's profile page.
  • Added list of product code contributors to the game release info page
  • Added country selection to product code on the MobyGames Most Wanted! page

Aug 24, 2006

  • correction links for companies and developers have been added to the bottom of their respective pages
  • fixed issues with zip file uploads, additionally files in the archive will now be processed in alphabetical order
  • multiple covers can be uploaded at once without using zip files

Aug 19, 2006

  • Added a country field to MobyRank sources
  • Fixes various minor bugs that have appeared over the last week

Aug 06, 2006

  • fixed various problems with searching, reviewing games, adding games to groups, style changes and other issues relating to the new release.

Aug 04, 2006

  • Added information key for search results.
  • the main game page now just displays a summary of the reviews for the game instead of displaying the entire list of reviews.
  • added a new date format dd/mm/yyyy which can be selected from your preference page.
  • the number of private messages that can be stored in your folders have been increased from 250 to 500.
  • a trivia section has been added to the main game page that shows one random item of trivia from the game.
  • playlists are now ordered alphbetically by default, optionally you can specify your own ordering if you desire.
  • games can now be added to game groups. there is an add games link on all game group pages.
  • The recent game addition list now show the year for the platform added instead of the first year the game was released. This change appears in other places where a year is listed with a game and a platform.
  • On the backend, moving covers is now it's own page. Covers have also been broken down into their own navigation section on the admin side.
  • For people who are not in the top 50 top contributors list, you can now view your rank on your user page. You can also click on that link and browse your rank relative to other people's rank.
  • fixed a problem where some polls were not showing up on the past polls page.
  • On the home page, dates listed for the news items are the date the item was approved, not the date it was submitted.

Aug 03, 2006

  • Private Messages can now be forwarded to your email. You can enable or disable the forwarding from your account preferences page or the private messaging system.

Jul 13, 2006

  • release info role - additional development role added - this is for developers that aided in the development
  • new currency added - Norwegain Kroner, Brazilian Real, Taiwanese Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Israeli Sheqel

Jul 05, 2006

  • added Xbox Live Arcade, 64DD, and Satellaview as tech specs
  • Electronic packaging added

Jun 02, 2006

  • added Channel F, Odyssey, and Commodore PET/CBM as a supported platforms

Jun 01, 2006

  • turn-base genre added

Apr 10, 2006

  • Fixed a bug where some buttons didn't have a proper label. This was most noticed on the abandon submission page.

Apr 04, 2006

  • The company logo on the company summary displays the most recent logo now.

Mar 20, 2006

  • added emails answered section to the FAQ

Mar 05, 2006

  • added the revised CERO ratings that came in effect Mar 1st

Mar 01, 2006

  • recent game modifications page now shows product codes
  • made some improvements to the handling of input on the product code contribution page.
  • fixed adblurbs that were not displaying correctly, because of a problem with the UTF8 migration.

Feb 22, 2006

  • A random game link has been added to the user actions menu on the left side of the page.
  • Access keys have been added to the message board for sending messages ALT-P and ALT-S will Preview and Send a post. On the preview page ALT-E and ALT-S will Edit or Send your message. For you Mac users, Safari supports the access key by using CONTROL-E, etc...
  • ISBN Numbers are now displayed with the hyphens in the correct place
  • Improved quick search ability to search on sony part numbers. Searches are now case insensitive, and can be in the formats: slus-12345, slus12345 or slus 12345. Additionally, any multi disk part number will match.
  • The game autocomplete now takes advantage of the same improvements as the quick search.
  • The release info page had additional bug fixes with the displaying of proudct codes.
  • There is a new interface for entering sony product codes, there will is a drop down for the SLUS/SCES/ETC prefix, and then a seperate entry box for each disc.
  • The links to the forums on the home page finally take you to the correct page ;)
  • Some minor issues with contrubiting product codes have been fixed. Also, some additional error checking is done on UPC and Sony Part Numbers

Feb 21, 2006

  • added product code counts to MobyStats page.
  • The recent company modifications page now includes overview revisions (minor edits not included) and is updated every 5 minutes instead of once an hour. The change date column also displays the time
  • The recent developer modifications page now includes bio revisions (minor edits not included) and related websites and is updated 5 minutes instead of once an hour. The change date column also displays the time
  • The recent game modifications page now includes description revisions (minor edits not included) and is updated every 5 minutes instead of once an hour. The change date column also displays the time.
  • fixed a bug with forums notifications on the home page not working
  • Fixed a bug where release info would sometimes display off by a day

Feb 19, 2006

  • fixed a bug with contributing developer portraits and bios

Feb 18, 2006

  • improved rendering in IE5 and IE55 (hint! upgrade to FireFox or Opera)
  • you can now select a preferred time zone from your preferences page. this time zone will be used when display times.
  • fixed a problem with the view approval status page where some items couldn't be selected properly.
  • you can now edit your posts in the forums.
  • fixed typo in the poll editor

Feb 16, 2006

  • Fixed bugs with autocomplete and Opera 8.0, 8.5 and 9.0.
  • The submission status page for your account has been improved to allow you to browse through large lists of submissions. You can also view more information about news, revisions, product codes and company logos.
  • Fixed some display issues with the release info page

Feb 15, 2006

  • the number of contribution points for product codes has been changed to 1/4

Feb 13, 2006

  • Fixed many display issues with the Opera 9 browser
  • Fixed some typos and layout issues with have/want lists pages

Feb 12, 2006

  • News items are now user contributable. There is a link for contributing news items on the left side of every page.
  • Product codes for games can now be entered. Starting off we are supporting ean, upc-a, isbn-10, isbn-13 and the sony product codes. As time goes by this list will expand. Product codes can be contributed from a games contribute page.
  • The game release info page has been slightly redesigned to allow for product codes to be display, plus some other minor formatting changes.
  • The auto-generated summary on the developer page has been disabled because of the confusion it causes.
  • Game descriptions, company overviews and developer bios can now be revised. In the past, there was no way to modify an existing entry, only add new ones. Part of the change also will prevent duplicate descriptions, overviews and bios from being added to the system. People are encouraged to revise entries by making minor change, edits and even major overhauls to these entries. The original submiter along with all people who make edits will get contribution points, and they will NOT be taken away as the entry grows. We are excited about this feature and hope that it help provide an environment where changes flow more easily into the system. If this test is successful, we will be rolling this feature out to more parts of MobyGames.
  • The auto-generated summary on the developer page has been disabled because of the confusion it causes.
  • The developer pages have been overhauled to visually resemble the main company page and game page. Links are also provide for adding and editing information.
  • Private messaging has been added to MobyGames. You must have a nickname to send or receive private messages.
  • Change in policy with regards to nicknames. All new accounts will require a nickname. If you do not have a nickname, now is a good time to update your profile.
  • When viewing games available for trade, private message links are displayed. This give you a way to communicate with users that do not have public email addresses.
  • Additional comments and location information can now be added for each item in you have list.
  • Many collectors have requested that we add purchase information to the have lists. You can now track purchase price, purchase date and purchase location for items in you have list. By default this information is private, however you can opt to make it publically available from your list properties page.
  • Subtotals for each platform are now displayed when viewing have/want lists.
  • Created a new page that lists and explains MobyGames RSS feeds.
  • The maximum size that can up uploaded to the server at one time has been increased from 10MB to 20MB.
  • Added RSS feed for new game entries.
  • Added RSS feed for new game covers.
  • Added RSS feed for new game screenshots.
  • Added RSS feed for new game hints.
  • MobyGames users that are also developers now have a link from their user page to their developer page. See John Romero as an example.
  • Users can now (optionally) list location information about themselves. Your country and city will be displayed on your user page. Country flags are also displayed on the top contributors pages. Thanks to Unicorn-Lynx for the suggestion.
  • Only approved platforms are displayed on the MobyStats page -- previously stats for platforms we were in the process of adding were also displayed.
  • The game autocomplete now matches on product codes and alternate titles.
  • Managing have/want lists now uses the game autocomplete control if your browser supports it.
  • Created the Most Wanted! page that will cross referenc your have lists with missing information in the database. This very handy feature makes in a snap to find things to contribute. The link is on the left panel under Moby Stats.
  • Fixed a bug with the rss feeds that prevented some rss clients from parsing the feed.
  • fixed bug where editing tech-info displayed incorrect inputs for some attributes -- this only happened when adding a multi-platform game via the new game wizard.
  • fixed bug where sometimes credits summary wasn't displayed on the main game page.
  • Fixed a bug where the codes and cheats page was failing to display a list of codes for the selected platform.
  • Purchase price is no longer required when editing your have list.
  • When entering dates, the format mm-dd-yyyy now recognized

Feb 07, 2006

  • added CD-i as a supported platform

Feb 01, 2006

  • added Atari 8-bit as a supported platform

Jan 18, 2006

  • RSAC rating system added
  • added DoJa as a supported platform
  • added ExEn as a supported platform
  • added Mophun as a supported platform

Jan 04, 2006

  • added BREW as a supported platform
  • added J2ME as a supported platform
  • added Symbian as a supported platform
  • added Windows Mobile as a supported platform
  • added Zodiac as a supported platform
  • added Palm OS as a supported platform
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