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HotHead Studios

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HotHead Studios was a short-lived game development studio established in early 2003 shortly after the demise of Darkblack Ltd. Taking along most of the team, they had lost the rights to the firstperson horror title Asylum and started a six-months development cycle to create a new game based on the technology behind Asylum: Shadow of the Sun, but now with vampires as a main theme.

According to Richard Beston: Shadow of the Sun is an extremely cinematic, story-based first-person adventure title set in an alternate universe where vampires rule. The main character was once a powerful Vampire Lord who was overthrown and imprisoned by the devious Vampire Council. After hundreds of years of torture and imprisonment he is visited by a vision of a beautiful woman pleading for his help. Compelled to find and help her, he is filled with a new sense of purpose; and thirsty for revenge, he escapes from his cell and sets out on a path of bloody revenge.

As with Asylum, again Hot Head Studios contracted Octagon Entertainment to negotiate with a publisher, but according to the development team Octagon eventually never made a real effort. During development, the company website never even listed the game, but instead advertised a product called Hyper Streetracing. The company disappeared in the same year, leaving the title unreleased.

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Company established and closed in the same year.

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The company website was formerly located at www.hot-head-studios.com

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