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2015, Inc.


2015, Inc. (pronounced twenty-fifteen) is an independent company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in first-person, 3D action games for the PC, consoles and handhelds. The company was founded in 1997 by Tom Kudirka. Some of the first titles by 2015 were created by the separate development division Trainwreck Studios (first announced in April 2000), specializing in mid-price to budget games. Under that name Laser Arena (2000) and CIA Operative: Solo Missions (2001) were created. In 2007 it resurfaced with Time Ace for the Nintendo DS.

2015, Inc's first own title was SiN: Wages of Sin (1999), an expansion to Ritual Entertainment's popular shooter SiN (1998). The studio is especially known for pushing Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor series forward with the release of World War II shooter Medal of Honor: Allied Assault in 2002, the first game in the series to appear on the Windows platform.

Following the release, EA decided to move development on expansions for the title to its internal Electronic Arts Los Angeles team. A large part of the upper echelons of the company left to form Infinity Ward, a studio that would become known for the rival Call of Duty series based around the same concept. The studio, no longer involved with either of the two franchises, started work on an entirely new game: a shooter set during the Vietnam era. That game became Men of Valor and it was released in 2004

In September 2008 the company announced to have opened the development branch Tornado Studios, focused on casual games. At the same time, 2015, Inc. confirmed that it was still focused on developing action games.


Men of Valor(2004)
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault(2002)
SiN Gold(2000)
SiN: Wages of Sin(1999)


Contact info (2005):

2015, Inc.
6528 E. 101st Street
Suite 272
Tulsa Oklahoma 74133-6742

Phone: 918.252.2015
Fax: 918.249.0848

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