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Developer Technosoft was established in April 1982 in Sasebo City of Nagasaki, Japan. The company originally produced consumer software such as a typing tutor, but soon entered the computer games market. Many of their titles were fast-paced action games like Thunder Force and Herzog, notable on platforms dominated by text-heavy strategy and adventure titles.

In 1989, Technosoft turned their attention to home consoles, in particular the Sega Mega Drive, becoming the console's first third-party publisher with a port of their PC shooter Thunder Force II. Their Mega Drive games remain popular among fans for their fast-paced action and energetic cyber-rock soundtracks.

The 32-bit era saw Technosoft move on to develop for the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation, but many of their later games lacked the polish that had earned the company its name. Technosoft released its last title, Neorude: Kizamareta Monshō, in December 1999. All assets were sold to pachinko company Twenty One in 2001, and Technosoft ceased to exist. The Thunder Force brand would later be licensed by Sega to produce one final entry in the series, Thunder Force VI.

Several other companies were started by former Technosoft staff -- Arsys Software (later Cyberhead) in 1985, CAProduction in 1993, and Ganbarion in 1999. Additionally, several former Technosoft musicians including Toshiharu Yamanishi and Hyakutaro Tsukumo have continued to work together in the dōjin music scene under several names, including No Brand Sounds and Factory Noise & AG.

Credited on 35 Games from 1982 to 1999

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Neorude: Kizamareta Monshō (1999 on PlayStation)
Getter Robo Daikessen! (1999 on PlayStation)
My Garden (1999 on PSP, PS Vita, PlayStation...)
Omise de Tensyu (1999 on PlayStation)
Silent Möbius: Genei no Datenshi (1998 on PlayStation)
Kaze no Oka Kōen nite (1998 on PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation...)
Kumitate Battle: Kuttu Ketto (1998 on PlayStation, SEGA Saturn)
Neorude 2 (1997 on PlayStation)
Thunder Force V (Special Pack) (1997 on SEGA Saturn)
Thunder Force V: Perfect System (1997 on PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, PSP...)
Neorude (1997 on PlayStation)
Blast Wind (1997 on SEGA Saturn)
Kōtetsu Reiiki Steeldom (1996 on PlayStation, SEGA Saturn)
Thunder Force: Gold Pack 1 (1996 on SEGA Saturn)
Thunder Force: Gold Pack 2 (1996 on SEGA Saturn)
Reverthion (1995 on SEGA Saturn, PlayStation)
Kyūtenkai: Fantastic Pinball (1995 on PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, PSP...)
Nekketsu Oyako (1994 on PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, PSP...)
Magical Error o Sagase! (1994 on Arcade)
Hyper Duel (1993 on SEGA Saturn, Arcade)

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