SCE Bend Studio

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  • Sony Bend (from 2000 to 2005)
  • Eidetic, Inc. (from 1993 to 2000)
  • Blank, Berlyn and Co (from 1993 to 1993)

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Bend Studio is an in-house Sony development studio located in Bend, Oregon.

The original company was founded as Blank, Berlyn and Co in 1993 by Marc Blank (one of the authors of the original mainframe Zork in 1977) and Michael Berlyn, and then soon renamed to Eidetic. They first published productivity software, crossword puzzles and other word games for the Apple Newton, until they turned to Playstation titles in 1999 with Syphon Filter.

In 2000, Eidetic became part of Sony and gained the informal name Sony Bend. Shortly thereafter the company was officially named Bend Studio. In 2005 it became part of the SCE Worldwide Studios group.

Credited on 17 Games from 1993 to 2022

Horizon: Forbidden West (2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5)
Death Stranding: Director's Cut (2021 on Windows, PlayStation 5)
Death Stranding (2019 on Windows, PlayStation 4)
Days Gone (2019 on Windows, PlayStation 4)
Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (2012 on PS Vita)
Uncharted: Golden Abyss (2011 on PS Vita)
Resistance: Retribution (2009 on PSP)
Syphon Filter: Combat Ops (2007 on PSP)
Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow (2007 on PlayStation 2, PSP)
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (2006 on PlayStation 2, PSP, PlayStation 4...)
Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (2004 on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3)
Syphon Filter 3 (2001 on PlayStation, PSP, PlayStation 3...)
Syphon Filter 2 (2000 on PlayStation, PSP, PlayStation 3...)
Syphon Filter (1999 on PlayStation, PSP, PlayStation 3...)
Bubsy 3D (1996 on PlayStation)
Live Action Football (1994 on Windows 3.x)
Columbo's Mystery Capers (1993 on Newton)

History +


Company acquired by Sony and renamed from Eidetic, Inc. to Sony Bend, as an in-house developer.


Company founded as Blank, Berlyn and Co by Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn.

Trivia +

Location in 2009:

Bend Studio

395 SW Bluff Drive

Suite #200

Bend OR 97702


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