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Company overviews are meant to give a run-down of a company's activities through time. This includes history items, important games and internal changes. Detailed overviews often give a year-by-year overview, but every tidbit helps.

Alternate Names

The current "legal" name of the company is the primary name. AKAs should be official names the company was once named with. Official abbreviations of companies' names are allowed, but should not be used for release info.

Related Sites

Official company websites should not be submitted as a new link here. Submit a correction if you want to the company's page is missing or has changed address.

Sites containing interviews about the company and not particular games are fine.

Fan sites of the company are fine.


Logos should be taken from press release images whenever possible. If no press release image is available, they should be taken from screenshots.


Company trivia should be limited to any interesting/unique details regarding the company in question that may need highlighting. Historical facts with available dates however, should be submitted in the "History" section.

For now information like stock symbol, present and previous address information, contact numbers are acceptable here.


If there is an error in something related to this company, you can submit a correction. Missing information should be submitted through one of the other links.