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Overworks was a SEGA-owned development studio headed by Noriyoshi Ōba. The studio's roots can be traced back as far as Sega Development Division 6 in 1988, but would take on its most recognizable form by 1993 with the establishment of Sega CS2 R&D Division. Under Ōba's direction, the studio left its mark on the industry with such franchises as Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Sakura Taisen, and Skies of Arcadia.

The distinction between arcade (AM) and consumer (CS) divisions was abandoned by 1998, and the studio became known as Sega AM7 R&D Division during this period. Along with each of Sega's other development divisions, AM7 was spun off as an independent studio on April 21, 2000, taking the name Overworks. The name was given two interpretations: the studio's goal was exceed (or "go over") players' expectations, and "Ōba's Works".

Overworks was merged into Wow Entertainment in October 2003, creating SEGA WOW. Ōba left Sega shortly thereafter, subsequently holding senior and board positions at Interchannel, GungHo Works, and most recently Premium Agency.

Credited on 26 Games from 1993 to 2008

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Sega Ages 2500: Vol.32 - Phantasy Star: Complete Collection (2008 on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3)
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (2005 on PlayStation 2, Wii)
Sakura Taisen V Episode 0: Arano no Samurai Musume (2004 on PlayStation 2)
Sakura Taisen Monogatari: Mysterious Paris (2004 on PlayStation 2)
Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishio Ni (2003 on PlayStation 2)
Skies of Arcadia: Legends (2003 on GameCube)
Shinobi (2002 on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3)
Sakura Taisen 4: Koi seyo Otome (2002 on Windows, Dreamcast)
Sakura Taisen Online: Paris no Nagai Hibi (2001 on Dreamcast)
Sakura Taisen Online: Teito no Yuugana Hibi (2001 on Dreamcast)
Sakura Taisen 3: Paris wa Moeteiru ka (2001 on Windows, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast)
Eternal Arcadia (Limited Box) (2000 on Dreamcast)
Skies of Arcadia (2000 on Dreamcast)
Deep Fear (1998 on SEGA Saturn)
Sakura Taisen 2: Kimi, Shinitamou Koto Nakare (1998 on Windows, Dreamcast, SEGA Saturn)
Sakura Taisen (1996 on Windows, Dreamcast, SEGA Saturn)
SEGA Rally Championship (1995 on Windows, SEGA Saturn, Arcade)
Iron Storm (1995 on SEGA Saturn)
Magic Knight Rayearth (1995 on SEGA Saturn)
Magic Knight Rayearth (Limited Edition) (1995 on SEGA Saturn)

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History +

July 1st, 2004

SegaWow is reabsorbed into its mother company.

October 2003

The company is merged with Wow Entertainment into SEGA Wow Inc.

April 21st, 2000

Company is incorporated.


Overworks is formed under the leadership of president Noriyoshi Ohba.

May 1999

Division is now known as Sega AM7.

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Trivia +

Overworks is short for "Over Quality Works".

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