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Beavis-Soft was a development studio that consisted of Andrew Edwardson (programming) and Shaun Gadalla (graphics). They are responsible for two games: Phylox (1992) and Wacky Wheels (1994). Their first game was released through the obscure publisher Mannacom, but the second game was handled by the famous Apogee Software.

In 1993 Andrew Edwardson was working for the Belgian company Copysoft and he created a game engine in his spare time, trying to recreate the Mode 7 graphics mode from the Super Nintendo, studying Super Mario Kart. He showed the work to Copysoft who started promoting it. Screenshots posted on Compuserve attracted the attention of Apogee's president Scott Miller, but it ended in a fight with Copysoft over the royalties if Apogee would distribute the game. Copysoft was paid for an agreement, but Edwardson had left behind a demo disk that included the source code.

After work continued for Apogee and the game was very close for public release, Copysoft released a very similar kart racer Skunny Kart in 1993, prior to Wacky Wheels, which Edwardson believes was a game made with his engine. It ended in a legal wrangle.

After the release of Wacky Wheels they started work on a new game called Prime Time Warrior, but it was cancelled by Apogee. They were also asked to come work at 3D Realms Entertainment, but did not accept the offer. No new games were made afterwards and Beavis-Soft was reformed as FastTrack Animations doing 3D animations.

Games Released (1992 - 2020)

Wacky Wheels (1994 on Linux, DOS, Windows...)
Phylox (1992 on DOS)

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