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Lexis Numérique SA

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Lexis Numérique was a French studio founded in 1990. The headquarters were based in Champs-sur-Marne with an additional studio in Marseille. It was established as a family-owned company co-founded by Éric Viennot, Marie Viennot-Sanchis, and José Sanchis. The studio was involved with web design, videos, digital signage, 3D and game development. In 2005 Paul Cuisset established the game development studio VectorCell together with Lexis as a sister studio. Lexis also held shares in another sister company, Les Tanukis. It specializes in online, mobile and TV production.

Its first game release was L'Album Secret de l'Oncle Ernest (Uncle Albert's Magical Album) in 1998. Initially focusing on children's games and licensed titles, the company branched out in 2003 towards mature audiences with the release of Missing (In Memoriam) in 2003.

The studio was liquidated in June 2014.

Credited on 55 Games from 1994 to 2014

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Corto Maltese: Secrets of Venice (2014 on Windows, Android, iPad...)
Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All (2012 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows)
Amy (2012 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)
Red Johnson's Chronicles (2011 on PlayStation 3, Windows, iPhone...)
Surfacer+ (2011 on Nintendo DSi)
Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 3 (2010 on Wii)
Tales of Elastic Boy: Mission 1 (2010 on Wii)
Imagine: Animal Doctor Care Center (2010 on Nintendo DS)
Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 2 (2010 on Wii, PlayStation 3)
Au pays des Pooyoos: Activités d'éveil (2009 on Nintendo DS)
Imagine: Fashion Designer - World Tour (2009 on Nintendo DS)
Metropolis Crimes (2009 on Nintendo DS)
Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 1 (2009 on Wii, PlayStation 3)
Imagine: Fashion Party (2009 on Wii)
Petz Rescue: Wildlife Vet (2008 on Nintendo DS)
Ener-G: Dance Squad (2008 on Nintendo DS)
Ener-G: Horse Riders (2008 on Nintendo DS)
Petz Rescue: Wildlife Vet (2008 on Wii)
Imagine: Champion Rider (2008 on Nintendo DS)
Imagine: Fashion Designer - New York (2008 on Nintendo DS)

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History +

June 16, 2014

The studio is liquidated.


Company founded.

Trivia +

Lexis's south french studio closed in 2012.

Location: Headquarters (2011)

Lexis Numérique

7, rue Albert Einstein

Espace Descartes

77420 Champs-Sur-Marne


Location: Studio South of France (2011)

Lexis Numérique

Pôle Media la Belle de Mai

37-41 rue Guibal

13356 Marseille Cedex 3


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