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Zemina was a South Korean games developer which was closely tied to the Zemmix console, a console version of the MSX computer that was only released in Korea. Since Zemmix was compatible with the MSX, their games sometimes managed to spread all the way to Europe through channels of dubious legality. Apart from the MSX and Zemmix, Zemina also made games for SEGA's Master System (Known as Samsung Gam*boy in Korea), which was easily done since the two systems shared the same basic platform.

Since South Korea had bad relations with Japan due to the experiences of occupation, Japanese companies were not allowed to operate in Korea. Therefore, SEGA had to go through Samsung as a partner, and Nintendo was handled Daewoo. Due to this, copying or plagiarising Japanese goods was not illegal, or at least not something which occupied the authorities. For this reason, many of Zemina's games are grey-market ports of Japanese games.

Credited on 18 Games from 1987 to 1992

Super Boy 4 (1992 on SEGA Master System)
Cyborg Z (1991 on SEGA Master System, MSX)
Super Boy III (1991 on SEGA Master System, MSX)
Eagles 5 (1990 on SEGA Master System, MSX)
Block Hole (1990 on MSX)
The Three Dragon Story (1989 on SEGA Master System, MSX)
Super Boy I (1989 on SEGA Master System, MSX)
Flashpoint (1989 on SEGA Master System, Arcade, MSX)
New Boggle Boggle 2 (1989 on SEGA Master System, MSX)
Puzznic (1989 on DOS, Amiga, NES...)
Super Boy II (1989 on SEGA Master System, MSX)
Super Bubble Bobble (1989 on MSX)
New Boggle Boggle (1988 on MSX)
Double Dragon (1987 on DOS, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance...)
Brother Adventure (1987 on MSX)
Robo Wres 2001 (1986 on MSX, Arcade, Sharp X1...)
1942 (1984 on Windows, Game Boy Color, NES...)
Xevious (1982 on Windows, Game Boy Advance, NES...)


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