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Kuma Computers Ltd.

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Credited on 25 Games from 1982 to 1985

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Argo Navis (1985 on Amstrad CPC)
Bridge (1985 on Amstrad CPC)
Buster Block (1985 on MSX, Amstrad CPC)
Kubus (1985 on MSX)
North Sea Bullion Adventure (1985 on Amstrad CPC, MSX)
Rock Raid (1985 on Amstrad CPC)
Shadow of the Bear (1985 on Amstrad CPC, MSX)
Hold Fast (1984 on Amstrad CPC, MSX)
Alien Destroyer (1984 on ZX Spectrum)
Fire Rescue (1984 on MSX)
Fruity Frank (1984 on MSX, Amstrad CPC)
Galaxia (1984 on Amstrad CPC)
Gems of Stradus (1984 on Amstrad CPC)
Ninja (1984 on MSX)
Pakman/Millipede (1984 on Tatung Einstein)
Star Avenger (1984 on Amstrad CPC)
SuperChess (1984 on MSX, Tatung Einstein)
Binary Land (1983 on NES, MSX, Wii...)
Eric and the Floaters (1983 on ZX Spectrum, MSX, PC-88...)
Pelmanism (1983 on MSX, Sharp MZ-80K/700/800/1500)

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