Capitol Disc Interactive Corporation

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Credited on 19 Games from 1991 to 1996

Kingdom II: Shadoan (1996 on DOS, CD-i, Macintosh...)
Kingdom: The Far Reaches (1995 on DOS, Windows, 3DO...)
NFL Football Trivia Challenge '94-'95 Edition (1995 on CD-i)
NFL Instant Replay (1995 on CD-i, Windows 3.x)
Axis and Allies (1994 on CD-i)
Effacer: Hangman from the 25th Century (1994 on CD-i)
The Last Bounty Hunter (1994 on DOS, Windows, 3DO...)
Crime Patrol (1993 on DOS, Windows, SEGA CD...)
NFL Football Trivia Challenge (1993 on SEGA CD, CD-i)
A Visit to Sesame Street: Letters (1992 on CD-i, Windows)
Go: Special Edition (1992 on CD-i)
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold (1992 on DOS, Windows, SEGA CD...)
Text Tiles (1992 on CD-i)
Backgammon (1991 on CD-i)
Battleship (1991 on CD-i)
Connect Four (1991 on CD-i)
Mad Dog McCree (1991 on DOS, Windows, SEGA CD...)
Pinball (1991 on CD-i)
Who Shot Johnny Rock? (1991 on DOS, Windows, SEGA CD...)


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