8floor Ltd.


8floor Ltd., closely related to the company 4hit Ltd., is a Russian studio led by Kir Bushuev.


Lost Artifacts: Golden Island(2019)
Lost Artifacts: Soulstone(2018)
Gnomes Garden: Christmas Story(2018)
Royal Roads(2018)
Lost Artifacts: Time Machine(2018)
Business Tour: Wild Bird(2018)
Business Tour: Rainbow Mercenary(2018)
Business Tour: Mr. and Mrs. Balloonski(2018)
Business Tour: Goalkeeper(2018)
Business Tour: Coach(2018)
Business Tour: Forward Number 10(2018)
Business Tour: Forward Number 7(2018)
Business Tour: King(2018)
Business Tour: 5 in 1 - Great Leaders Bundle(2018)
Business Tour: Cleopatra(2018)
Business Tour: Lincoln(2018)
Business Tour: Caesar(2018)
Business Tour: Napoleon(2018)
Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes(2018)
Gnomes Garden: New Home(2017)
Fort Defense: North Menace(2017)
Business Tour: Starter Pack(2017)
Business Tour(2017)
Alien Shooter + Doodle God Bundle(2017)
Royal Defense: Complete Edition(2017)
Doodle God, Doodle Devil & Doodle Kingdom(2017)
Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of Castles(2016)
Santa's Toy Factory: Nonograms(2016)
Medieval Defenders(2016)
Alien Shooter: Ultimate Bundle(2016)
Mahjong World Contest(2016)
Iron Sea Defenders(2016)
Gnomes Garden 2(2016)
Gems of the Aztecs(2016)
Alien Shooter: Fight for Life(2016)
Alien Shooter: The Experiment(2016)
Gnomes Garden(2015)
Contract with the Devil(2015)
Mahjong Carnival(2015)
Alien Shooter + Expansions(2015)
Fort Defense: Bermuda Triangle(2015)
Fort Defense: Atlantic Ocean(2015)
Fort Defense(2015)
Alien Shooter(2015)
Doodle Kingdom(2015)
Gem Legends(2014)
Gnumz: Masters of Defense(2014)
Mahjong Gold(2014)
Day D: Tower Rush(2014)

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