G-mode Co., Ltd.

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G-mode Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that was established on 27th July 2000. The studio specializes in game content for mobile networks, but became especially known for acquiring the back catalogue of Data East Corporation with more than 40 classic games.

The company currently licenses the content for re-releases of classic games on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, GameTap, mobile games, but also releases of classic games on more modern platforms such as the Oretachi Geasen Zoku: Burger Time for the PlayStation 2.

In January 2014, all shares in the company where acquired by ONE-UP Co., Ltd., and on March 2014 the company was merged completely into ONE-UP, with ONE-UP renaming themselves to G-mode.

Credited on 93 Games from 2002 to 2023

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Dōbutsu Shogi (2012 on iPad, Android, iPhone)
Dopamix (2012 on Nintendo 3DS)
Rinji Shūden (2011 on J2ME, Nintendo Switch, BREW)
Churaumi Monogatari (2011 on J2ME, DoJa, Nintendo Switch...)
Kuukiyomi 2 (2010 on BREW, J2ME, DoJa)
10 Second Run (2010 on Nintendo DSi, Nintendo Switch)
Kururin Cafe (2010 on DoJa, J2ME, Android...)
Pucchin Puzzle (2010 on BREW, Nintendo Switch, J2ME...)
Katakuri (2009 on Nintendo DSi)
Kamura: Kamigami to Chigiri Shisha (2009 on BREW, J2ME, DoJa...)
Sōhide Series: Omatsuri Dukushi (2009 on DoJa, J2ME, BREW...)
Churashima Kurashi (2009 on J2ME, DoJa, BREW...)
Irekae IQ Crossword DX (2009 on DoJa, J2ME, Nintendo Switch...)
Beach Volley Girl Shizuku 3: Sekai Taikai-hen (2009 on BREW, Nintendo Switch, J2ME...)
Magical Drop Touch (2009 on Android, iPhone)
Plants vs. Zombies (2009 on Windows, Nintendo DS, BREW...)
Kuukiyomi DS (2009 on Nintendo DSi)
Moe Slot: Beach no Shizuku (2009 on J2ME, DoJa, Nintendo Switch...)
Flyhight Cloudia IV: Eien no Kizuna (2009 on Windows, BREW, Nintendo Switch...)
Keitai Shōjo: Koi + Hime - Koi ni Ochita Shinderera Hime (2008 on J2ME, DoJa, BREW...)

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July 27th, 2000

Company established.

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