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ACE Team Software


ACE Team Software is a software development studio based in Santiago, Chile. The company was founded around 1998 by Andrés Bordeu with his brothers Carlos Bordeu and Edmundo Bordeu, initially as a modding group; they created the mods Batman Doom (1999) for Doom II and The Dark Conjunction (2002) for Quake III: Arena.

The developers then decided to move onto commercial game development. They created a prototype of what was later to become Zeno Clash; the prototype drew the attention of a number of companies, and soon some of the members joined the company Wanako Games. There they worked on several casual games and Xbox Live Arcade releases.

They later left Wanako and, along with David Caloguerea as a lead programmer, reinstated ACE Team as an independent development studio. The team's debut title is Zeno Clash (2009), a first-person game centered around melee battles, developed using the Source engine.


Eternal Cylinder, The(2021)
Rock of Ages III: Make & Break(2020)
Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder(2017)
Deadly Tower of Monsters, The(2016)
Abyss Odyssey(2014)
Zeno Clash II(2013)
Rock of Ages(2011)
Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition(2010)
Zeno Clash(2009)
Malstrum's Mansion(2009)


ACE Team Software derives its name from the first initials of the trio of brothers who founded the company; Andres, Carlos, and Edmundo Bordeu.

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