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Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd.


Active Gaming Media is a company specialized in game translation and localization for all consoles and mobile devices (including iPhone).

The company was founded in 2006 by Ibai Ameztoy, previously working at Marvelous Entertainment as manager of the localization department.

Most of AGM's translations are from Japanese to English -as the company is based in Osaka, Japan- but recently the company localized games for the European market (including Marvelous Entertainment's Harvest Moon Series).

Since 2009, AGM is also debugging games for various platforms - not only consoles (Harvest Moon, Gyromancer..), but also cellphones (various games for Nokia's s60 phones) and PC (Tartaros Online).

Also Known As

  • Active Gaming Media, Inc. -- alternate company name


Sealed Ampoule, The(2022)
Break Arts II(2021)
DEEEER Simulator: The Final Evolution of DEEEER(2021)
Good Life, The(2021)
No More Heroes III(2021)
Mighty Goose(2021)
Legal Dungeon(2021)
Touhou Luna Nights(2020)
Dead2y Premonition: A Blessing in Disguise(2020)
Blade of God(2020)
Cowboy Yakuza(2020)
NFS: Heat(2019)
Manifold Garden(2019)
Project Nimbus: Code Mirai(2019)
La-Mulana 2(2019)
La-Mulana 2(2019)
Samurai Shodown(2019)
Medusa and Her Lover(2019)
Star Sky(2019)
Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden(2019)
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain(2019)
Apex Legends(2019)
2064: Read Only Memories - Integral(2018)
Kero Blaster(2018)
Vertical Strike: Endless Challenge(2018)
Angels of Death(2018)
Burnout: Paradise - Remastered(2018)
Yume Nikki: Dream Diary(2018)
State of Mind(2018)
Need for Speed: Payback(2017)
Ace of Seafood(2017)
Aer: Memories of Old(2017)
Evil Within 2, The(2017)
Astro Boy: Edge of Time(2017)
Momodora: Reverie under the Moonlight(2017)
Holy Potatoes!: We're in Space?!(2017)
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun(2016)
Silver Case, The(2016)
Croixleur Σ(2016)
Transformers: Devastation(2015)

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Company location and contact information (2012):

Okazaki Building 2F,
1-12-6 Utsubo Honmachi, Nishi ward,
Osaka, Japan 550-0004
Tel: 06-6147-9401
Fax: 06-6147-9402
Email: [email protected]

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