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Alice Soft (アリスソフト) is the adult brand of the Osaka-based company Champion Soft. The name was first used in 1989 and has since been applied exclusively to all adult games released by the company. Alice Soft has been among the most prolific eroge developers, releasing games in various genres for personal computers. Among their best-known works are the role-playing Rance series.


Evenicle II(2022)
Rance Quest(2011)
Sengoku Rance(2006)
Pastel Chime Continue(2005)
Rance VI: Zeth Hōkai(2004)
Rance 5D: Hitoribocchi no Onna no Ko(2002)
Yoru ga Kuru! Square of the Moon(2001)
Mamatoto: A Record of War(1999)
Ōdō Yūsha(1998)
Kichikuō Rance(1996)
Gakuen King: Hidehiko Gakkō o Tsukuru(1996)
Otome Senki(1996)
Rance 4.2: Angel-gumi(1995)
Rance 4.1: O-Kusuri Kōjō o Sukue!(1995)
Only You: Seikimatsu no Juliet-tachi(1995)
D.P.S. Zenbu(1995)
Mūgen Hōyō(1995)
Ayumi-chan Monogatari: Jisshaban(1995)
Tōshin Toshi II(1994)
Uchū Kaitō Funny Bee(1994)
AmbivalenZ: Niritsu Haihan(1994)
Rance IV: Kyōdan no Isan(1993)
Ayumi-chan Monogatari(1993)
Pro Student G(1993)
Super D.P.S(1992)
Alice no Yakata CD(1991)
Dream Program System SG Set 2(1991)
Dream Program System SG set 3(1991)
Rance III: Leazas Kanraku(1991)
Dream Program System SG(1990)
Rance II: Hangyaku no Shōjotachi(1990)
Tōshin Toshi(1990)
Dr. Stop!(1990)
D.P.S: Dream Program System(1989)
Abunai Tengu Densetsu(1989)
Rance: Hikari o Motomete(1989)
Crescent Moon Girl(1989)
Intruder: Sakura Yashiki no Tansaku(1989)
Little Princess(1987)


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