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Anco Software Ltd.


Anco Software was a long-running British game developer and publisher. The company was founded as a spin-off from Anirog Software. Anirog was founded in 1982 by Anil Gupta and Roger Gamon, who were working for Mullard Mitcham at that time. The name Anirog comes from their first names. Anirog was initially primarily a publisher of games for 8-bit computers like the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum. They were among the first to use speech embedded in games (e.g. Jump Jet), and had technical offices in Horley, Surrey and production factory in Dartford, Kent. Anil Gupta formed the spin-off company Anco in secret and shortly after Anirog was dissolved. Roger then formed Magnificent 7 Software company, however he died after a short illness.

Anco had hits with the football game series Kick Off (1989) and Player Manager (1990), which were released for a number of systems, including consoles. Around the mid-nineties the company shifted from a publisher to a pure developer having publishing deals with companies such as Maxis, Ubi Soft and 3DO. The company was forced to close in 2003 after the death of the company's owner Anil Gupta. The company Floodlit Software was founded 'from the ashes of Anco' in 2003.

Also Known As

  • Anirog Software Ltd. (from 1982 to 1986)


Player Manager 2003(2003)
Sven-Göran Eriksson's World Manager(2002)
Kick Off 02(2002)
Sven-Göran Eriksson's World Challenge(2002)
Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002(2001)
Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2001(2000)
Player Manager 2000(2000)
Player Manager 98/99(1998)
Kick Off World(1998)
Kick Off 98(1997)
Kick Off 97(1997)
Kick Off 96(1996)
Player Manager(1995)
Player Manager 2: Extra - The Chase For Glory(1995)
Player Manager 2(1995)
Fantasy Manager: The Computer Game(1994)
Kick Off 3: European Challenge(1994)
Kick Off 3(1994)
Kevin Keegan's Player Manager(1993)
Battle of Olympus, The(1993)
World Class Rugby(1993)
Tip Off(1992)
Kick Off 2: The Final Whistle(1991)
Kick Off 2: Return To Europe(1991)
Kick Off 2: Winning Tactics(1991)
Super Kick Off(1991)
Football Crazy Challenge(1991)
Kick Off 2: Giants of Europe(1990)
Player Manager(1990)
Kick Off 2(1990)
Death Trap(1990)
Kick Off Collection(1990)
Face Off(1989)
Highway Hawks(1989)
Rally Cross Challenge(1989)
Kick Off: Extra Time(1989)
Kick Off(1989)
Karting Grand Prix(1988)
Strip Poker II Plus(1988)
Maria's Christmas Box(1988)
6 of the Best(1987)
Summer Events(1987)
Terra Nova(1987)

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Location (1983)

Anirog Software
8 High Street

Related Web Sites

  • Anco's website (The web site is now, in 2015, dead and up for sale. However archived pages are available on 'The Wayback Machine' which date back to 1998 and continue through to the end of the company in 2003)
  • From The Dugout (Fans and players of Anco Software games offering patches, demos and information about their games)

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