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Apogee Software, Ltd.

Historical Events


    • Apogee Software, Ltd. was formed. Quickly becoming a multifaceted pioneer and innovator in the PC gaming industry.

    Nov 26, 1987:

    • Apogee's first game called "Kroz" ("Zork" backwards) was released created by Scott Miller (President of Apogee). This game was originally made for Softdisk Publishing but was then released under the Apogee name.

    Aug, 1993:

    • Apogee hires Tom Hall, former id Software founder and owner, to lead our in-house development division, and help develop what was at the time a sequel to Wolfenstein 3-D, but which later became Rise of the Triad.

    Jul, 1994:

    • 3D Realms Entertainment is created by Apogee, as a division solely focused on the quickly growing 3D action gaming market.

    Jun, 1995:

    • Apogee's web site opens to the public.

    Nov, 1996:

    • Apogee's last game released, titled Stargunner. No more Apogee games have been scheduled for production, with nearly all company focus shifted to the 3D Realms division.


    • After the release of Stargunner the name Apogee has never been used again - and the name 'Apogee' is no more. (Though the company still excists under the name of 3d Realms, which has been created for their 3d-games releases. Their pinball-game Balls of Steel has been released under the name of Pinball Wizards.)

    Feb 04, 1997:

    • Apogee creates a new division, Pinball Wizards, which will focus exclusively on cutting-edge pinball games.
    Company history contributed by B.L. Stryker (21069), Xantheous (1391), Erwin Bergervoet (397) and Indra was here (20924)