Argonaut Games PLC

Historical Events


    • Argonaut Software founded by teenager Jez San as software consultancy.


    • The company develops it's first game Skyline Attack for the Commodore 64.


    • Argonaut lands its first hit with a sixteen-bit title – StarGlider , which was written for the Commodore 64. The title's success financed Argonaut's expansion and is said to be the first popular 3D computer game.


    • Argonaut develops the Super FX chip, a 3D graphics accelerator for the Super Nintendo. It becomes a best selling 3D RISC processor. Argonaut develops three games incorporating the technology. One, Starfox becomes one of the best selling games of all time with over 4 million units sold.


    • Outside management and investment begins a period of intensive growth. Argonaut releases Brender, a 3D multiplatform API. Charles Rendell (formerly of KPMG and Sega) joins as Financial Director.


    • Keith Robinson (formerly of Rage plc) joins as Development Director. Argonaut moves into new offices in Edgware.


    • Argonaut buys key development assets from Cranberry Source. Employees reaches over 100.


    • Argonaut Technologies and Argonaut Software split into 2 separate companies.


    • Argonaut Games plc goes public and is floated on the London Stock Exchange.

    Oct 23, 2000:

    Sep, 2001:

    Jan 17, 2002:

    • The company acquires development studio Particle Systems in a deal worth around £ 4.1 million and renames it Argonaut Sheffield.

    May, 2004:

    Oct 15, 2004:

    • Due to financial troubles, Argonaut's stock trade in London is halted.

    Oct 22, 2004:

    • Argonaut fires the entire staff (nearly 40 people) of its subsidiary Argonaut Sheffield and closed it down.

    Oct 25, 2004:

    • Argonaut fires about a hundred employees and the company is put up for sale.

    Nov 01, 2004:

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