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ASCARON Entertainment GmbH


Ascaron was a computer game company headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany. The company was founded in 1991 under the name Ascon by Holger Flöttmann and developed entertainment software for the German market for 18 years, with games franchises like Patrician, Port Royale, ANSTOSS (On the Ball) and Sacred. Later it also became known for its publishing and distribution activities.

In August 2001 the company went into administration for the first time. However, the reestablishment of the company keeping all IPRs and brands made it possible for Ascaron to continue its operative business and to survive.

In July 2002, Ascaron expanded by opening a wholly-owned subsidiary, Studio II Software in the University City, Aachen (Germany) and in September 2002, the first international office, Ascaron Entertainment (UK) Ltd. with its main office in Birmingham, was founded.

After many years of continuity the company got into financial difficulties once more. According to a spokesman of Ascaron this was due to immense costs and extended time for the development of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. In April 2009 Ascaron Entertainment went into administration again. This time the company did not recover and negotiations began with "several well-known interested parties" to discuss a positive takeover.

In June 2009, Kalypso Media acquired the majority of licenses and assets of company when the firm entered insolvency. Among the games titles acquired were Port Royale, Darkstar One, On the Ball and The Patrician.

On June 18, 2009 it was announced that fifteen former employees of Ascaron would be part of Kalypso's newly acquired studio Gaming Minds Studios GmbH.

Also Known As

  • Ascon GmbH (from Aug 08, 1991 to Oct, 1996)


Patricians & Merchants Box, The(2009)
Patrician 1+2, The(2009)
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel(2009)
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (Premium Games)(2009)
Tortuga: Two Treasures(2007)
Ascaron Collections Vol. 2(2007)
Ascaron Collections(2006)
Anstoss 2007: Der Fußballmanager(2006)
Glory of the Roman Empire(2006)
Darkstar One(2006)
Sacred: Neue Auflage (Big Pack)(2006)
Darkstar One: Collector's Edition(2006)
Sacred: Underworld(2005)
Sacred: Gold(2005)
Anstoss 2005: Der Fussballmanager(2004)
Great Art Race, The(2004)
Arena Wars(2004)
Port Royale 2(2004)
Pirate Hunter: Seize & Destroy(2003)
Anstoss 4: Der Fußballmanager - Edition 03/04(2003)
Anstoss 4: Der Fußballmanager - International(2002)
Port Royale(2002)
Patrician III(2002)
Ballerburg: Castle Siege(2001)
Patrizier II: Aufschwung der Hanse(2001)
Anstoss: Meister Edition(2001)
King of the Road(2001)
Anstoss Action: Die Fußballsimulation(2001)
Patrician II: Quest for Power(2000)
Anstoss 3: Der Fußballmanager(2000)
Anstoss 2 Gold: Der Fußballmanager(1998)
Anstoss 2: Der Fußballmanager - Verlängerung!(1998)
Extreme 500(1998)
Anstoss 2: Der Fußballmanager(1997)
Vermeer: Die Kunst zu erben(1997)
Team F1(1996)
Das Hexagon-Kartell(1996)
On the Ball: World Cup Edition(1994)
Hanse: Die Expedition(1994)
On the Ball(1993)
Patrician, The(1992)
Monster Business(1991)
Turn It II(1991)


Office address:

Ascaron Entertainment GmbH
Verler Str. 6
D - 33332 Gütersloh
Tel: +49 (0) 5241 - 96 66 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 5241 - 96 66 - 10

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