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Atari Interactive, Inc.

Historical Events


    • Hasbro Interactive founded as a new division of Hasbro, Inc.


    • Hasbro Licensed "Frogger" from Konami for a remake.

    May, 1997:

    • MicroProse announces M1 Tank Platoon 2 at E3 '97.

    Mar 10, 1998:

    • M1 Tank Platoon 2 goes gold

    Mar 13, 1998:

    • Hasbro Interactive acquires Atari (and all Atari's intellectual property) for $5 million.

    Apr 13, 1998:

    • Hasbro Interactive Launches Tonka (tm) Garage, a title that lets kids design, build and customize their fleet of Tonka vehicles.

    Jul 09, 1998:

    • Hasbro Interactive and DreamWorks Interactive launch Small Soldiers (tm): Squad Commander, the realtime strategy game based on the film "Small Soldiers".

    Aug 12, 1998:

    • Hasbro announched definitive agreement to acquire MicroProse Inc.

    Sep, 1998:

    • Hasbro brings "Life" and "Clue" classic boardgames to the PC and Consoles.

    Sep 14, 1998:

    • Hasbro completed their acquisition of MicroProse at $6.00 per share. Roughly 5.25 million shares were acquired. MicroProse became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hasbro.

    Nov 10, 1998:

    • Hasbro/MicroProse announces Rollercoaster Tycoon will be released next year.

    Feb 05, 1999:

    • Hasbro conducts "Take an E-mail Game Break" event in Manhattan, New York, where they gave away 100,000 copies "E-mail Games Scrabble" free.

    Feb 08, 1999:

    • Hasbro signs a 5-year licensing agreement with NASCAR to develope family and children's software games and interactive toys based on NASCAR. This license covers all gaming hardware platforms.

    Feb 23, 1999:

    • Hasbro Interactive signs agreement with The Tetris Company and Blue Planet Software to publish the next generation of Tetris (r) for PSX and PC. The new title will be "The Next Tetris".

    Apr 14, 1999:

    • Hasbro licensed 11 titles from Namco, including PacMan, Ms. PacMan, DigDug, Galaga, Glaxian, Pole Position, and more. Hasbro gains the right to develope, publish, and distribute interactive games based on the eleven properties. Hasbro plans to remake the classics.

    May 10, 1999:

    • Hasbro announces the first NASCAR license products, which are Trivial Pursuit NASCAR edition, [email protected] NASCAR, and the NASCAR Digital Camera.
    • Hasbro licenses the arcade classic Q*Bert from Sony Signatures.

    May 12, 1999:

    • Hasbro announced licensing deal with National Football League for their NFL Football [email protected] Game.

    May 13, 1999:

    • Hasbro Interactive introduces 5 more playsets for pre-school children to interact with computers, including Easy-Bake® Kitchen, Playskool® Store, Tonka® Dig 'n Rigs, Clue® Jr. SpyGlass Mysteries, and Nerf’ Jr. Foam Fighters. This follows up their success with the Tonka Workshop and Star Wars Millenium Falcon playsets.
    • Hasbro announces at E3 their 1999 Simulation Lineup would include Mechwarrior 3, GP500, B-17 Flying Fortress 2: The Mighty Eighth, and Gunship!.
    • Hasbro announces at E3 4 more version of Monopoly, including an all-new PC version, a new version for the N64, Monopoly Casino, and Monopoly Jr.
    • Hasbro announces at E3 their 1999 lineup, which includes CIV2: Test of Time, Diplomacy, Risk II, Axis and Allies: Iron Blitz Edition, Magic the Gathering: Gold Edition, and X-COM Alliance.
    • Hasbro/MicroProse announced at E3 that Star Trek: The Next Generation Birth of the Federation has gone gold and should reach stores by end of the month.
    • Hasbro announces at E3 a 3 year deal with Nickelodeon to develope interactive titles based on Nickelodeon properties. The first title will be CatDog -- Quest for the Golden Hydrant.

    Aug, 1999:

    • Hasbro announces it is sponsoring the Gravity Games as the exclusive toy and games industry sponsor.

    Aug 13, 1999:

    • Hasbro completes acquisition of Europress, a veteran publisher of educational and lifestyle software based in England.

    Oct 04, 1999:

    • Hasbro / MicroProse co-sponsors the Mechwarrior 3 Meltdown head-to-head competition on the Microsoft MSN Gaming Zone to be held from October 8 to October 24.

    Nov 02, 1999:

    • Sony announces launch of "Trivial Pursuit Online" at The [email protected], based on Hasbro's Trivial Pursuit.

    Nov 17, 1999:

    • Hasbro Sports signed 29 NASCAR drivers to a license, allowing Hasbro Sports to develope titles based on the drivers, vehicles, and teams.

    Dec, 1999:

    • Hasbro / MicroProse announces closing of MicroProse Alameda (California) and MicroProse Chapel Hill (North Carolina) in Statement to MicroProse fans.

    Dec 07, 1999:

    • Hasbro announced closing of MicroProse Alameda (which used to be offices of Spectrum HoloByte).

    Dec 21, 1999:

    Jan 27, 2000:

    • Hasbro Interactive reached an agreement with Saban Entertainment to license NASCAR RACERS, the cartoon series, for interactive titles.

    Feb 07, 2000:

    • Hasbro Interactive and its Atari Interactive subsidiary file a lawsuit in federal court to enforce the companies' copyrights to games including Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command. The complaint alleges that eGames, GT Interactive, XTreme Games, MVP Software, Webfoot Technologies and Varcon Systems blatantly copied games for which Hasbro Interactive owns the exclusive copyrights.

    Mar 10, 2000:

    • Hasbro announces support of Microsoft X-Box.

    May 18, 2000:

    • Hasbro issued a press release, confirming the cancellation of "Tank Platoon!", which was supposed to be the sequel to M1 Tank Platoon 2.

    Jan, 2001:

    • Hasbro Interactive was sold to Infogrames and became Infogrames Interactive.

    May 07, 2003:

    • As a result of Infogrames' worldwide re-branding, Infogrames Interactive, Inc. changes name into Atari Interactive, Inc.

    Feb 17, 2006:

    • The company restructures its operations, which will result in a worldwide workforce reduction of approximately 20%.
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