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Aztech New Media Corp.


Aztech New Media were established in 1992 selling shareware CD ROMs. By 1997 the company website was claiming that they were a multimillion dollar company selling fifty products in over six thousand retail locations "across North America and more than 25 countries world wide". One of their claims was that they did everything in-house from design, marketing, packaging, development to scanning and CD-ROM pre-mastering.

One of Aztech's big successes was 'The Cube', a collection of several CDs packaged together starting with The MacCube in 1996. This was followed in 1997 by 'Cubes' for the PC starting with The Kids Cube and The Home Entertainment Cube later followed by The Kids Win Cube and The Hall of Fame Games Cube and more .

Aztech did not confine themselves to computer games, they also sold software packages for Publishing, Multimedia, Art & Design etc. as well as novel gaming devices such as "The Slammer". The Slammer" was a buzzer device which plugged into the pc and which Aztech claimed " does for Trivia Games what the joystick does for Flight Simulation.", it came bundled with two games You Don't Know Jack and Jeopardy. "The Slammer" was not a commercial success and investment in it contributed to the company failing to record a profit in 1998.

1997 also saw Aztech New Media reach an agreement with Blizzard Entertainment Inc. making them one of two companies authorised to create authorised add-on missions for StarCraft.

On March 11th 1998 Aztech New media became a public company trading on the Alberta Stock Exchange (symbol: ANM).

Personnel listed in the company's corporate report for 1997 include;  Founder and President Christopher Seepe; Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President Rene Pardo; Chairman Bernie Klein  former President and Chairman of Sanyo Canada; vice President and Chief Operating Officer Alan Bass.

By 2000 their website had closed down and in 2001 it had been acquired by Aztech systems, an unrelated company based in Singapore.

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Conquests of the Ages(1998)
Insurrection: Campaigns for StarCraft(1998)
Aztech's Armory: Campaigns for WarCraft II(1997)
Games Pack(1997)
iPlay for Macintosh(1997)
Gamers Pack(1997)
MacPack Attack!(1996)
Hall of Fame Game Cube(1996)
Home Entertainment Shareware Collection: Volume 6 - Simulation Shareware Games, The(1994)


Information as of 1994:

Aztech New Media Corp.
99 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6K 3J8

Phone: (416) 539-8822 (Weekdays, Hrs: 9:00-5:00, E.S.T.)
Main Fax: (905) 738-1961 (24 hours/day, seven days per week)
Other Fax: (416) 539-8533 (24 hours/day, seven days per week)

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  • Aztech New Media website (The current website (2017) has nothing to do with gaming.
    This website was used by Aztech New Media, web pages captured by 'The Wayback Machine' in 1996 show this. In April 2000 Aztech New Media announced it would no longer support PC based products and by June 21st 2000 the web site had been abandoned and was up for sale. By April 2001 the site had been acquired by it's current owners Aztech Systems who deal in Electronics Design & Manufacturing, LED Lighting, Materials Supply, Marine Logistics and Food Supply.)

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