The Blast Furnace


The Blast Furnace was a mobile game development studio established by Activision Blizzard in November 2011. It was based in Leeds, England and was originally called Activision Europe (Leeds) Limited. The studio was first publicly unveiled in May 2012. It was established with the help of Martyn Brown (former co-founder of Team17 Software Limited). Also on board are Mark Washbrook (former studio head of Rockstar London) and Mark Lloyd (former studio head of Rockstar Lincoln). In May 2012 the studio was said to eventually grow to a staff of 40 people. The company was renamed The Blast Furnace when it released its first game on 8th August 2012. It debuted with the iOS title Pitfall! as a reboot of the series to celebrate the 30th birthday of the original 1982 Pitfall! game. In the same month it became known Gordon Hall, former president of Rockstar Leeds, had joined the company. In 2013 the company released Call of Duty: Strike Team.

On 31st March 2014 Activision announced to close the studio following a consultation period in January that year. On 18th June 2014 three developers from the studio, Jerr O'Carroll, Lizi Attwood and Matryn Bramall, announced the formation of the independent studio Mars On A Stick.

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