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Bothtec, Inc.


Bothtec, Inc. (ボーステック株式会社) was a Japanese company which developed and published games for PC systems and, in its final years, mobile phones. They are mostly known for their Relics series, as well as their games based on the Legend of Galactic Heroes media franchise. They also created Project EGG, a subscription based service originally made to allow players to play the company's old games on modern platforms which now, similarly to GOG, offers games from other companies as well.

Outside of Japan, the company is best known as the parent company of Quest Corporation, the creators of the Ogre Battle series.

The company met its demise after going through a legal battle with Yoshiki Tanaka over a breach of licensing terms for the Legend of Galactic Heroes franchise and had to cancel most of the major titles it was developing at the time, as well as shut down its Legend of Galactic Heroes VII online game. As a result, Bothtec was on the verge of bankruptcy and was acquired by BBMF in 2005. In 2006, Bothtec transferred all its IPs, as well as the Project EGG service to D4 Enterprise, a company established by their former employees. The following year, Bothtec stopped developing new games.

The company ultimately ceased to exist on May 1, 2009 as a result of a reverse merger between Bothtec Inc. and Bbmf Co., Ltd.


Xanadu: Dragon Slayer II(2006)
Popful Mail(2004)
Popful Mail: Stage 5(2004)
Popful Mail: Stage 4(2004)
Popful Mail: Stage 3(2004)
Popful Mail: Stage 2(2003)
Popful Mail: Stage 1(2003)
Relics Anthology(2003)
Relics: The 2nd Birth(2001)
Corum III: Chaotic Magic(2000)
Tarmanian Tactics(2000)
Relics: The Recur of Origin(1999)
Final Odyssey(1999)
Magical Chase(1998)
Ginga Eiyū Densetsu V(1998)
Puyo Puyo 2(1998)
Puyo Puyo(1995)
Ginga Eiyū Densetsu IV(1994)
Ginga Eiyū Densetsu III(1992)
Ranma 1/2: Hiryū Densetsu(1991)
Ginga Eiyū Densetsu II(1990)
CrEastar: Planets in Legend(1989)
Ginga Eiyū Densetsu(1989)
Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus(1989)
King of Chicago, The(1988)
Scheme, The(1988)
Maison Ikkoku: Omoide no Photograph(1988)
Phantasie II(1988)
Relics: Ankoku Yōsai(1987)
DIRES: giger・loop(1987)
Hotel Wars(1986)
Crystal Prison(1986)
Topple Zip(1986)
Bakusou Buggy Ipatsu Yarou(1985)
Peeping Scandal(1984)
Space Diamond(1984)
Free Way(1984)
Business Tour(1984)
Tama Tama(1984)

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