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BottleRocket Entertainment, Inc.


BottleRocket Entertainment was founded in 2002 when Jonathan Beard and a number of his fellow coworkers left Sony Entertainment’s San Diego studio to form a new company. They had developed The Mark of Kri (2002) and struck a deal with Sony to create the follow-up Rise of the Kasai (2005) and Xiaolin Showdown for Konami, released in 2006. Members of the team have previously worked on Dick Tracy, Star Flight, Vectorman, World Series Baseball, Jurassic Park, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, and movies such as Sinbad, The Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado.

The studio was tasked by Namco Bandai to create a new game in the Splatterhouse series. In February 2009 Namco Bandai confirmed that the game had been taken away from the developers, even though it was almost complete, to be finished by another studio. According to Namco Bandai the studio was missing its milestones, but BottleRocket contested that, blaming bad management on the publisher's side.

Previously the studio was also working on a game with the superhero Flash, for Brash Entertainment, but that company went out of business. As both deals fell through, in September 2009 it became known the studio had been closed.


300: March to Glory(2007)
Xiaolin Showdown(2006)
Rise of the Kasai(2005)


Company contact information and location (2008):

BottleRocket Entertainment
6349 Palomar Oaks Court
Carlsbad, California 92011
Company phone: 760.431.7855

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