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Carbot Animations


Carbot Animations is an animation team created by Jonathan "Carbot" Burton, a Canadian then-animation student, who was later joined by his brothers Andrew and Sam, and his wife Justine "Wifebot".

Carbot's debut video, released on 30 August 2012, was the first episode of StarCrafts, a popular cartoon series which portrays StarCraft II in a lighter mood and with deliberately simplified and cute visual style. Very early on, Blizzard has expressed their support of the cartoons. Over time, more series have been made, primarily based upon games by Blizzard Entertainment: WowCraft (World of WarCraft), Diablols (Diablo series), HurtStone (Hearthstone), HeroStorm (Heroes of the Storm), and Underwatched (Overwatch).

Blizzard Entertainment eventually started cooperating with Carbot Animations, having them draw special in-game portraits and decals for StarCraft II, delegating a few major update trailers (Spawning Pool mechanic, Archon mode), and even selling themed merchandise such as shirts and plush toys on the official Blizzard online store.

In 2015, a fundraising campaign was launched to create a StarCrafts mod for StarCraft II's Arcade library. The campaign was very successful and multiple major stretch goals were reached, with the mod finally released on 11 October 2016.

In mid-June 2019, Carbot Animations was present at the Korean StarCraft League (KSL) finals to announce StarCraft: Cartooned, an official, Blizzard-sanctioned graphical pack for StarCraft: Remastered, and which was used in a publicly broadcasted multiplayer match during the event. The pack was released on 9 July 2019.

Contributed by Plokite_Wolf (54898) on Jul 19, 2019.