Carts Entertainment Oy Ltd.


Carts Entertainment was a game development studio based in Helsinki, Finland. It was founded in November 1996 and the company name was registered in 1997. One of the founders was Jalmari Härmä. The studio's most prominent release was the Windows action racing game Thrust, Twist + Turn in 1999.

Other projects include Pirate Ships (1998), a multiplayer TV-broadcast action game developed for Saraxa Group and Moon TV. In the same year Net Formula I and Net Formula II were created, JAVA applet racing games developed for MTV3 by Kota Interactive Ltd. In 1997 Carts worked on Cubiosis, an experimental 3D Tetris.

By 2001 the company website disappeared and the company was presumably closed. One of the producers / designers at the studio was the neighbour of Janne Alanenpää, funded the establishment of the racing studio Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. in 2000 and still owns it to this day.


Thrust Twist + Turn(1999)


Contact information (2000)

Carts Entertainment Oy Ltd.
Kuparitie 10 A
00440 Helsinki

Tel. +358 - 9 - 6831 7220
Fax. +358 - 9 - 6831 7221

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