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Cavedog Entertainment


Cavedog Entertainment was a computer game developer based in Bothell, Washington. It was set up as a label (Cavedog) and sister company to Humongous Entertainment. Ron Gilbert and Shelley Day founded Cavedog in 1995 to work on more mature titles.

The company solely released games in the Total Annihilation franchise, a series of real-time strategy games:The creator, Chris Taylor, left the company short after the release of the first game's expansion to set up his own company: Gas Powered Games.

Cavedog Entertainment was working on three more projects: the first-person shooter Amen: The Awakening, the episodic fantasy adventure Elysium and the adventure Good & Evil, but the 3 games were cancelled by the fall of 1999 by parent company GT Interactive. When GT Interactive was purchased by Infogrames, Humongous Entertainment discarded the Cavedog label.

Most of the Cavedog developers went on to work at Gas Powered Games and Beep Industries.


Total Annihilation: Kingdoms + Expansion(2013)
Total Annihilation: Gold Edition(1999)
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms(1999)
Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency(1998)
Total Annihilation(1997)


On April 1, 1999, as an April Fool's Day joke, the company announced that due to legal problems with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, they had to rename the company as well as all their games and other trademarks. The company was now called "Frozen Yak Entertainment", and their main game "Total Annihilation" was renamed "Really Cool Wargame". Add-ons to the game and titles still in development at the time were also given new names. Cavedog even registered a new website complete with logos, pictures, and a press release. Interestingly, this "fake" website ( is still online today (2010).

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