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ChamProgramming Corporation


CHAMProgramming was a small US company founded in 1992 by John W. Champeau, who also did most of the programming. In 1996 John was approached by Dan Van Buskirk to work together as partners on the first release of Champ Kong. Dan Van Buskirk brought improved graphics and collaboration on the creation of the CHAMP Mode. The team worked well together and the games were an immediate hit with Coin-op fans everywhere.

CHAMProgramming is best remembered by a series of faithful DOS shareware arcade conversions which where released in 1996 and 1997, including CHAMP Invaders (Space Invaders), CHAMP Asterocks (Asteroids), CHAMP Pac-em (Pac-Man), CHAMP Kong (Donkey Kong) and others. John Champeau's co-programmer Paul J. Champeau also created a cable allowing to play these games with a digital joystick, plugged into the PC serial port.

ChamProgramming closed it's doors on August 3rd, 1998.


CHAMP Galagon(1997)
CHAMP Invaders(1997)
CHAMP Asterocks(1997)
Champ Centiped-em(1997)
CHAMP Galaxia(1996)
CHAMP Pac-em(1996)
CHAMP Ms. Pac-em(1996)
CHAMP Kong(1996)
CHAMP Ms. Pacman(1994)
Champ Centipede(1993)


John W. Champeau, founder of CHAMProgramming, programmed Last Defense (1991). Last Defense was a Missile Command variation in EGA (16 color) graphics and was one of his first games ever. Also he designed and programmed CHAMP Centipede (1992), written in EGA graphics too. Both games were never published.

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