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Deep Silver, Inc.


Deep Silver, Inc. is a publisher of interactive entertainment software for PC and consoles and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Media. The establishment of the division was announced on 30th April 2008. The office serves as headquarters for US sales and marketing activities, as well as North American developer relations.


Hunt: Showdown - Meridian Turncoat(2022)
Hunt: Showdown - The Lawless(2021)
Let's Sing presents Queen(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - Blood and Bone Bundle(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - Crossroads Bundle(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - The Bayou Edition(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - Master Hunter Edition(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - The Gunslingers Bundle(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - The Uncanny Bundle(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - Arcane Archaeologist(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - The Seekers Bundle(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - Zhong Kui(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - Last Gust(2020)
Hunt: Showdown (Legendary Edition)(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - The Phantom(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - Legends of the Bayou(2020)
Hunt: Showdown - Llorona's Heir(2020)
Hunt: Showdown(2020)
Metro: Exodus - Sam's Story(2020)
Let's Sing Country(2019)
Metro: Exodus - The Two Colonels(2019)
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Royal Edition(2019)
Metro: Exodus(2019)
Metro: Exodus - Expansion Pass(2019)
Metro: Iskhod + Metro: Vozvrashcheniye(2019)
Dakar 18: DesafĂ­o Ruta 40 Rally(2019)
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon(2018)
Trainz: Trainz Route Rostovsky Uzel(2018)
Trainz Route: Midwestern Branch(2018)
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Backer Collector's Edition)(2018)
Trainz: Cornish Mainline & Branches(2017)
Trainz: EMD GP50 - FRISCO(2017)
Trainz: CO17-4174 - Russian Loco and Tender (2017)
Trainz: CO17-1374 - Russian Loco and Tender(2017)
Trainz: CO17-4171 - Russian Loco and Tender(2017)
Trainz: CO17-3373 - Russian Loco and Tender(2017)
Trainz: Victorian Railways D1 Class (Type 4 - Newport) Black(2017)
Trainz: CO17-1171 - Russian Loco and Tender(2017)
Trainz: CO17-4373 - Russian Loco and Tender(2017)
Trainz: EMD GP50 - Burlington Northern (Phase I)(2017)
Trainz: CO17-4173 - Russian Loco and Tender (2017)
Trainz: CO17-3173 - Russian Loco and Tender(2017)
Trainz: EMD SD40-2 - NS(2017)
Trainz: EMD SD40-2 - Maersk(2017)
Trainz: ZecRail 2017 Christmas Train(2017)
Trainz: CO17-1471 - Russian Loco and Tender(2017)
Agents of Mayhem: Total Mayhem Bundle(2017)
Agents of Mayhem: Safeword Agent Pack DLC(2017)
F1 2017(2017)

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Contact information (30th April 2008)

Deep Silver, Inc.
2615 Pacific Coast Highway #225
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-2250

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